The importance of caring for yourself

It's day 4 of Carers Week and the theme is caring for yourself.

So what do you think is the most important thing you do to care for yourself as a carer?

We'd like to hear your thoughts and for you to share your experiences with us.

Hi, I have recently trained to be a mindfulness teacher. This was before my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I feel that I was meant to do this course as it has helped me to come to terms with this and how it affects my husband.



              Hello Mindful Space

            Helping myself hmm, thats going to take a bit of time to think over, well I remove the Duodopa pump at night and the dressing, I change that but my dear wife does almost every thing for me, I cant reinstall the pump in the  morning as  I am substantially shut down, my wife partner nurse has to do that also, I can make a cup of tea but it is hazardous as I stagger about the place and am very unsteady at times, so I think the most positive most rewarding thing I do to help myself is the voluntary time I spend with the young interns at NTGH talking to them about life with PD or BLACKHEART, helping these great young potential brain doctors is by far the best way I help myself.

                                         Kindest Regards              Fed

 I asked my wife to contribute to this thread but she declined , so I will try and put her views forward, I actively encourage  Ln to meet up with her friends every day and she has developed a interest in gardening as I cannot do much in the way of Horticulture now, she is not tied in any way and thats how we stay happy , Ihave been given the nod, so this post is agreeable.


This is an interesting question.  What do I do to care for myself?  Gardening is really my thing and although is is becoming a problem through lack of time it is still my favourite and most relaxing activity.  The second thing is new.  I take my OH to a seated exercise class.  He absolutely loves it and I find  look forward to it too.