The importance of water

My father is a long term sufferer of Parkinsons - he is around 78 now and has had it since he was 30 years old.  He copes remarkably well considering, but one thing we have noticed is that as dementia takes hold and his pills do less over time, one key thing that we have found keeps him relatively stable is water.  This helps with his bowel problems and general over heating issues that clearly affect someone who is continuously moving.  My issue is that although the home he is in is good, it is becoming hard for my father to drink from the simple motion of drinking from cups.

I am trying to find SOMETHING like below - it looks awfully simple to me, a stand with a pouch/container that you can fill with water and the tube uses gravity to dispense the water, and he/helpers then can just put the tube in his mouth and release the water somehow slowly.

(Ignore the iron board its unrelated)

If anyone has found anything like this or can suggest alternatives I'd be very happy to hear them...


Try searching for "hiking water bag" in "Sports and Outdoors" on Amazon.  There are quite a few.  


Another name for these bags is "Camelback water carrier". Used by runners of long distance races.Have you googled the words "one way drink dispensers" or "drink dispensers" on its own? It all depends on how much your father can do to control flow..Maybe you can improvise  once you have read all that is commercially available .

I purchased a one way drinking flask with a spout, and which looks exactly like a sports flask, from a national chain of sports shops who also have a gym attached to each shop..... clue there!