The Journey continues

Hi every one. I hope your all well as you can be. It’s been a year and a half since my diagnosis. my medication allocation has grown since then
The meds I take now are madopar, co-caradopa, replenix (upped from 8mg to 10mg for 1 month. poss. up to 12mg if no improvement) I’ve been dealing with some more ailments’ since my last post. I take betmiga 50mg once a day, tolterodine once a day and laxido (when needed) for constipation. amitriptyline(2 tablets once a day) and sumatriptan (when needed) for migraines.

I’m also seeing (how can I put this) things or people from corner of my eyes. when I turn to look, nothing is there, I also have started to fall or near fall going up stairs. I’d go upstairs and suddenly I need to stop to check where my left leg is then resume going upstairs. I wonder if anybody else has come across this. my left hand and arm have started to twitch and shake like my right side does.

well, life goes on, I will keep living day by day. stay as positive as I can.
Look after yourselves, stay safe and till next time.
Jason Skelton signing off :smile:

Hi @skeletor99 and welcome back to the community!

It sounds like you have had a busy time trying to keep on top of things and having to deal with so many health issues at the same time. I’m sure that other members of the community will have had similar experiences when going up the stair and hopefully they can share some practical advice with you. I just wondered whether you have seen the section on our website about hallucinations. It might help you understand those visions you are having and point you in the right direction to tackle that symptom. It is not unusual for some Parkinson’s medication to cause this effect, so your GP might be able to help.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,
Mara (Moderation Team)

Hello skeletor99
I used to see little golden twinkly lights just at the edge of my vision when I was taking Requip. I don’t recognise any of the meds you have mentioned – there are so many similar meds under different names – if you have a PD nurse call or email them, in my experience they are quickest at helping with that sort of thing.