The Lady in the wheel chair

When attending my clinic appointment recently,which was running late you cant help but people watch.This lady arrived in a wheel chair who had a nurse escort.The conversation went like this for all to hear.
Escort ,Do i have to stay with her
Nurse,Well yes normally,we are very short staffed
Escort,Well how long is that going to be?
Nurse I don't know. Does she need any help
Escort ,Well only when she needs the toilet
I sat their for another hour.I did not see anyone approach or speak to the lady in the wheelchair. The escort positioned the wheel chair so she had her back to her. What was it the government was saying about DIGNITY? is a sad thing alright but as we get older we seem to become invisable to other people.

Radz x
I used to escort people to hospital as a care worker and I always talked to the person and got them a tea if I could (although it was a long boring morning).
hi everyone
you dont have to be old to be invisable just in a wheelchair.(unless your shopping that is)people stare at my 12 year old as if she shouldnt go out.i even stepped to the dide of my daughter because i saw a woman looking at her and not where she was going.she walked straight into me.doctors talk over her as well.if they knew what pain shes had they would look up to her not down.
just a little about me ive just been dx with pd had symptoms for years apparently but cause daughter in pain you just get on with life.havent seen a pd nurse yet dx on 21st nov.cant be a big deal to them these days but it is to me.
sorry for going on just worrried and confused at the moment.
Hi T99
Sorry to here how badly people treat your daughter A friend who broke his back aged only 16 has had to put up with this
for years People ask do you need a push and what does He want to drink
Ref pd nurses I was dx oct 2010 and saw pd nurse sept 2011 I was anxious about this at the time but now looking back
I think it was for the best It gave me time to get my head round being dx and seeing the neuro
When I met her I was much calmer about pd after the shock and it gave me time to find out about it
Regards Adrian
ps you can always request to see a nurse from your G P
when i go out with me carer i go in my weelchair,i recently went to queen liz ,and i got dropped off and the staff looked after me very well.when ive been with just the carers no mater which one i have they are brill,very chatty .make me laugh .ive changed companys latley though cus last company were gettin things all rong,rotas,timings with meds etc,this company is great,no faults at all.i dont like usin a chair ,but wot is to be is to be im afraid.ive had pd 11 years and have arthritus of the spine,and disc probs,hence a chair .i can walk short distance with me too sticks though .im 42 years old.but how the lady was treated that ur talkin about was not treated very nice was she,i think it all depends on the staff,and the agency ,some carers dont seem to care.ive seen some people in chairs me self and the carer got a readin book,and the person in the chair sittin there like a lemon for ages till her she never exstited.not nice.
I find all waiting rooms silent and depressing places. Everyone in their own little worlds, avoiding eye contact with each other.