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evilevilfrownconfused ONCE AGAIN MY CAREFULLY CRAFTED POST HAS BEAMED UP AND IS LOST IN THE VOID AND IT IS TOTALLY WReCKING MY REASON FOR POSTING ON THE FORUM, it is so annoying and makes me think well whats the point, of course I will be ok in the morning and will continue to offerr the hand of friendship to all ,I will still try and help and support anyone who needs it but it may not be for much longer. 

                              Yet another very vert FEDEUPFED VERY VERY FEDEUPFED VERYevilevilevilquestion mark


Hi Fedexlike


Perhaps you had a long day, very tired, a wee bit grumpy (sorreeee!!) and looking at  the time you sent your post (12.44am) it's not surprising that things went up in the air and disappeared!  Hope you had a good night's sleep and are ready to flex those fingers! 

Looking forward to reading more of your posts.




Hello Powrie

                       You are totally and absolutely correct, I was very tired and a bit  down and I couldnt think straight I was frustrated  so yes I appologise for my childish rant, but why do I keep losing posts

                                       Kindest Regards  Fed


Because I haven't thought up a good ditty for

copy before you save

maybe I should take this to the creative corner for some suggestions

i can't come up with anything inoffensive. 


Did you follow my advice?

was it unclear?

try this:[HEAVY DONK]

Hey, all the peeps in da house tonight

yoov put down some groovy lyrics

hey, control-a to the c to the save, say yolo

sound of a needle across vinyl, followed by a whisper in ones pants

followed. By a SCREAM also in the pants

followed by bright eyes -art garfunkle and Matthew (the kid from tiswas)

as you make your way back to reply

hit control and v

[calypso samba, blow a refs whistle] 

[heavy donk and beat box]

tis electrickery 


hope this makes it clearer


Hello Fed,


Hope you are well.   There is no need for apologies!  We all have off days and if you want to have a rant then that's fine by me.  Sorry can't say why you keep losing posts but I'm sure someone out there will have some suggestions! 

Kind regards



Hello Powrie

                           A  lovely sunny morning here in Northumberland , Im getting worried two sunny days in one week is usually a precursor to 100mph gales Hurricanes typhoons, I kid you not, and I am not fooled when the Sun has got his hat on, oh no, I am wise to mother natures warped sense of humour, for instance my beloved is a real perfectionist when doing the wash, we have a tumble dryer but it is never used due to the amount of energy it consumes so she hangs her newly washed washing on the washing line, I will with all good intentions that it will rain in 20mins, no no the forecast is sunny spells warm, they will dry quickly ,she falls for it every time she will be hoovering,usually when I am trying to watch a fascinating documentary then the heavens  open and its panic stations as she rushes into the  garden gathering all the washing, which is then hung on multiple clothes horses all around the house, Strange, I do keep her updated throughout the day and sometimes she acts on my advice, but you will have heard the saying( my way or the highway) well thats my dear wife she simply has to fail fail fail, before she gets the message, the its" WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME IT WAS GOING TO RAIN, .Anyway with regard to the posting of posts I think I may have found a way  to do it I will attempt to type a post here and send to my screen name on PDF,I will let you

                                             Kindest Regards  Fed




Surely you meant that you were going to parse the XHTML page into a python script, following a screen scrape of the java applet?

ez, get him telt

raining here in Glasgow.  

Know what, I feel some dopamine dis regulation coming on - I'm going to Save without copying


Whooooooo! What a rush

it passes the time when your stuck indoors when it's raining .... Or sunny ..... Or windy .... Or snowy .... Or when the day ends in a 'y'. (Yip that's a bitch of a phobia ) ( can'tBeStuffedAbifida)



Whooooo! The law of diminishing returns doesn't apply here, this is brill.


Actually maybe it does, that last whooooo certainly isn't as big as the one before. Mmmm, 



          See yu Eck

                               Ive red yaw poests ohvah nd ovah nd eye carntmekhidena hare ervit, havye bin at thglenmorangie,,,,,,,,ifyew hasne,eye ave, eyetewkit upon mahsel two mekmahsel hhappeee nd wenah redyure poest or weneyetreyed ismorelike ah didnae catchonwheye,,,dyae kenmahdrift, eck????????????????????????????????ahawyeweye, meTapLOP HASBIN atent attrent attermt, ahhhhhhhhhhh fe?kit,Tryinit on wh meeealldae, soeeeye exki eggsc exxxkiv, ar,e,,dugup mahshingal molt,eye avtukeepit, berryd doon thesiyde orethe grihnhoose foryahsea SIRECK,IFF MIE MARYDOLL Fiends it sheel pawit oot, ahm awaytuseee if shesintha moooood 4 sum passionyeken ware ahm heddded eck,yuillreedabootit inthepost, theSCTISHH MIRRRORR wen yr scofffinyr poriije inthmorn,deeyea weshit doonwehiron BRU, AH luv ionbrume ahownlee take smallweedrams az itboll///s ma abyylitea tuh convyrse weh follkslikeyersel.

                              shedisnaewantennypassion ecksew thets meon the cooch gidnite t yooo kind ECK


Morning Fed

You sound very chipper ! Yes, women are strange creatures!!!  But what would you do without us!  Don't overwork your brain trying to figure us out .   Is your wife Scottish by any chance?  Ha ha!   Here in Perth, it's a lovely morning and will probably potter about in the garden for a while.

Kindest regards



Ah Huv - I mean, I have studied this text furaboot-a-fortnicht and decided to supply subtitles to the lazier non-scots among you, who just don't want to apply try little effort needed to understand the Scottish tongue. Having said that, I could tell you were puushed, fed as evidenced by your post being all blurred. 

Here goes:

i've nope ... nope ...nope ...kenmahdrift  - is he the drummer out of the proclaimers? 

Eck? -- he's asking me a question.  Nope ... Ah porage and irn Bru. 

(A myth proported by the English, that it is only English people put sugar in their porage thereby a scot is made to feel un scottish if they put sugar ... In ... Look it's complicated ... Basically we get salty porage and the rest of humanity gets sweet porage) well I have it with irn Bru, BUCKFAST, butterscotch , honey. And I can say with unequiblenessability, my a**e is no less the hairier for it. 

Oh that's a shame, no podgir for you the nicht. And a gid nicht tae wan an aw



Oh right, the point of my being here. As SAVE has been binned, maybe this should be called FIRST POST! Hoho, see what I did there? Cough.. Tumbleweed!