The Longest Day


I have recently been diagnosed with PD and am on 3 * 62.5 mg sinemet during the day  and sinemet plus 125mg at bedtime.

I am due to go on holiday (thankfully the same time zone) but getting up at 4.30 am some 3-4 hours earlier than normal. I have some issues with PD in the morning.

The day is going to be very long. Should I take  sinemt  on  waking, or at normal times 8am, or ask for addition.

What are forums members experience of long active days and duration of sinemet? 

Thank you


Depending on how long it takes to reach your destination, try eating as little as possible whilst travelling. Some toast (definitely NO protein!) and a cuppa before you set off should suffice. I would move your Sinemet timings forward to suit. Better to suffer symptoms at the end of a journey than at the beginning of it!

Have you contacted special assistance because I'm assuming that you will be flying? Its a godsend for disabled travellers.

Have a nice holiday