The Lurker

Who is under that Trapdoor?

Who is that creature that lurks in the dark? :imp:
Fades in the shadows and stalks in the park.
Follows his victims from morning till night,
Noting the habits then making the strike!

Is it a monster from beneath the Sea? :grin:
Or Mr Blobby from Noels TV?
He is a fatty! He cannot deny,
I’ve seen his picture! Do cameras lie?

Shall I reveal him or keep him concealed?
I could be shackled when he has appealed!
Maybe it’s better and keep status quo,
We could be lucky and maybe he’ll go? :bulb:

Luke :fearful:

Wasn't it Burk on the trap door
Yes, Berk was on the trap door.
Boni was the undead skull.
Drutt was like a frog with spider's legs.
And then there was the Thing Upstairs........
plus Rogg, the Splund, Bubo and the Big Angry Red Thing.

nope and nope......try again :bulb:
Do you mean Gordon Brown?
i think you know i ment GORDON BROWN lukey sorry about the spelling as you can see it hasnt inproved well was it :exclamation:
Nope.....try again!
A Bogeyman is my guess or is it Mickey Mouse?Bern
You are correct with 'The Bogeyman' Bern!

But which one?

Luke :laughing:
You're very close Bern! He creeps up behind you when you least expect it.
you know the one lukey the one thats green and slimey and haunts the castle (even you got to admit thats slightly funny ):smile:
Fungus :question: :wink:
mushrooms please
He is a shadow of things past,
Do not for him pearls of wisdom cast,
This writer can spit fire,
Oft come words to inspire,
He can strike fear or scorn or rage,
His name may be moved from every page,
Unless he curbs that awful tongue,
That makes sweet the bells of hell when rung!

Don't get grizzly over me Lukey!! (by their works shall ye know them!)
The grass is back! Make it ypur lifes work eh vic?
HEY VIC, i might see you in the pool one day, you never know!

but not too near the side eh. i might mistake your bald pate for a stepping stone!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Stepping stones wouldn't be much good at only the sides, mate. Their purpose is to get you ACROSS the water!