The not nice

Hello Friends
Last night I had a major assault from BLACKHEART now if you combine
a 95% shutdown with a very serious attack of the Runs, plus severe pain from the
gall bladder operation and you have a very very unpleasant situation, I wont go into details but for the first time in my life I was so incapacitated It was
impossible to , well, attend my toilet functions and I had to shout for assistance
I had always vowed that that horrible scenario would never be allowed to occur and yet there I was helpless , stuck on the throne unable to help myself, it was
terrible I had a huge struggle and was in such a state that I had to go straight
into the shower. After about one hour I began to recover and resolved to find the reason for the triple agonies I had endured, needless to say the recent Gall Bladder op plus the high level of morphine taken onboard was plainly the cause,
Gall Bladder removal can cause severe diarrhoea ,as can high levels of Morphine or similar type drugs, the reason I am telling this sorry tale is this, be aware
if any of you find yourself in the same unfortunate situation the same thing could
happen, and I was not warned, it was a extremely NOT NICE THING so be ALERT
ENGLAND NEEDS LERTS, sorry I couldn't resist that silly. Fedex

O dear fedexlike . I have got the picture..

You have been through a very very stressful time .. Any operation Is a shock to the system , the en you have all those drugs on top of it .

I consider STRESS!!!!!! to be the biggest enemy of Parkinsons .

Try not to dwell on what has happened , I am sure you won't doesn't do a bit of good does it .

It will probably take a while for you CALIBRATE ,,,

Now that's a good word isn't it .. But knowing you it won't be long ..

Please don't think I am taking what you
have said lightly ,I take care of most of my husband s bodily functions and be one step in front of him .
Not that I succeed every time Of course . I do my best though ..

I hope you start to recover from you operation very soon and get back home

My favourite saying at the moment is " It's not fair " and it blooming isn't . Never thought I would ever say that . just not in my nature ...

Good Morning Johnnie, I am very much on the mend now and everything is more or less back on track, I was very concerned at times as I could not wake up, and
beloved said I was talking in riddles, no change there then.
Hope all is well with you Best Wishes Fed:grin::sunglasses:

Hi Fed, Remember what you told me. Keep fighting! I am sure we are all there for you. So Fed, Just you keep fighting cos we all love. You. Love. Blue angel x

Glad to hear that Fed , my beloved is waiting to go into hospital very soon . He has two cancellations so far . It's to have keyhole surgery on the knee which he had a patella femoral replacement 3 Years ago . Cost a lot of money was desperate at the time Andrews Privately , hope they do a better job this time on the NHS . We love in hope .

I am apprehensive about him going in because I do all the basic things he needs , no one else will do it as good as me I know . They have assured me they will look after him well and I can only TRUST ! They better had lol.. That's ifs he ever gets in ......

the last time he went in the painkillers caused dreadful hallucinations . It shouldn't be as bad this time it's not such a big op normally day surgery but they want him a to stay in. .

Hello Blue Angel and Johnnie, I much appreciate your support knowing that there
are friends enduring the same anxieties or worse tends to strengthen your own
resolve ,would you agree. Yesterday four savage total shut downs rendered me helpless unable to move, unable to speak I was terrified, my wife energized my
Taplop and I went on this forum and read a few of the posts, the effect was something like ,get out of bed fed use your head your not dead pick up the thread
and run ahead, these people are in a much more difficult situation so press on
push hard and don't let BLACKHEART steal the day. It took me a while but slowly
bit by bit I gathered my resources , my sixteen brain cells began to function with
only one cause,to motivate old fed bringing positive thoughts increasing my awareness and making me fight back, oh it was tough ,tough as a member of the old
ClanMctough, one of the toughest of William Wallaces tough followers, sorry Im off again, I am trying to recreate how I see a goal, and by a combination of emotions , hate temper anger venom understanding humour I finally attain that goal
which is I defeat BLACKY , and the spark that ignites the above is the friendships
and support I receive on this most inspiring of inspirationalness Forum
. I hope all goes well for your husband Jonnie, and Blue Angel progress is
being made. Kindest Regards Fed

Hello, fedexlike --
I just wanted you to know that your posts are informative and valuable to me. Though I am in the earlier stages of this frustrating disease, I am also developing a gall bladder problem and know I will some day be under the knife, too. Thank you for sharing your experience so honestly and fully; it may benefit a lot of us.

Hello J of Grey Cottage, I am glad to be of assistance , should you find yourself
in the same situation the Gall Bladder operation is quick and keyhole surgery has
attained a high level of success ,its just over a week since my OP and the tiny
scars have almost disappeared ,if you need any more info please don't hesitate to
contact me ,Kindest Regards Fedex