The Parkinson Zone

Your journey into the ‘Parkinson’s Zone’ may have just begun with a slight suffle or a Shake’,but the Parkinson Zone has yet to awake.

You may have been told in a passing remark,…your shaking too much…and it’s not just the beer!

A phone call you take…I’m shaking far to much…it seem’s the Zone is taking its part.

Is it the bank,the girlfriend is utters’?
You better have paid that money in,she mutters’ !.
A fall or two,all new to me,but it’s plain to see ,there’s something wrong with me.

A trip to the doc’s and ‘ i’ll be alright ‘.
The GP needs to be sure.
A specialist is required,’just to be clear’.

The Consultant,asked me to take a few strides…and it’s clear.
No swing left arm…that *becomes quite clear.

‘Parkinson’s’’he states’,just like that !

Parkinson’s,who me,but I’m only 43

A neurological defect in the brain, he states.
He prescribes the pills and off I shuffle,see you in six months,the consultant utters and I walk out all a quiver and the shaking appears, just to be clear.

What is this Parkinson’s,that awaits me…as time goes by,it’s plain to see.
What this Parkinson’s,has in for me !

A shake turns into a tremor.
Pick up those feet up,My partner,Monsa.persistently nags at me.
If I’ve any sense left…that all goes,No smell.No Taste and the girlfriend’s tasty grub taste no good!!

But all in all,as time goes by,I’v come to terms.

**Dont give up and go and see all great specialists & therapist’s waiting for you and me ** and by the way their all free.

Only a few doors in the Parkinson’s Zone i’ve opened and lots still hidden,but with support from partners and friends,old & new.

We can battle through

strong text*

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