The Parky Will

Ive had PD now for seven years.Im taking a small amount of sinemet now along with one 200 mg comtan.

Ive found staying active physical and mentaly has been the best RX so far,Maybe it's our PD will .

The wills only purpose is to acept or reject beliefs and to control impulses

So many times my body failed me with movements so I relied on my will to take over.I dont know how my brain adjusts but it does.Sometimes Ill run out of steam on a walk but a chain of positive thoughtsand orders to my will revive me

I was in a parade the other day and felt this.I have been very active in our grave political  condition.

People  here are coming to grips this horror and hopefully will stay with it tillits resolved.If the US doesnot get rid of fascism other countries will be also victims.

I just do my part amybe a little more,hope others use their will

I also do so much more than ever,Im slower now but much more thoughtful.Always asking myself what is priority.Much more organized

Emotion is also our motivator but intellect must always be the leader.Those words go often unhear d today with push back being so unwisely popular.Everones got to win the argument.I shy away from arguments and stick to facts.

PD can be tamed we just have to stay calm and keep our will sharp.

over the pond


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