The physio

Hello, I had to visit my favorite place yesterday, NTGH, a place where I have had many unpleasant moments,but not yesterday, it turns out that I am 80to90% more agile and mobile than my last visit,a great improvement,and all down to
Duodopa, so it is working, it stutters a bit at times but its early days yet and
I expect as time goes by things will get better, fingers crossed.
I have been in NTGH so many times nearly every second person I meet Doctors Specialists Nurses even Receptionists and ward staff are so pleased to see me,
I am humbled by the attention and good wishes, I know I went through a rough spell
and came through it well, so why is my confidence so low and self esteem crushed
why can I not build on my success why is my mind so weak .
I tracked down the theme tune from The Road to Peridition yesterday on You Tube
have a listen its lovely music. Fed
Hi fed

I'm glad your new treatment is working out for you!

Sometimes depression makes no sense and you have to dance to the music it plays for a while. It's got nothing to do with having a weak mind. What you go through means you have a strong mind!!!

dr jonny
Thank you Dr jonny , it seems to me that unlike normal folks where arduous conditions and trial and error or getting your fingers burned call it what you will, strengthens the resolve and toughens body and mind, all I want, to do is run away I feel such a coward at times, I wish I could shake it, its a blight
I can do without.
I know that feeling! There is nothing cowardly about living with depression, it is very difficult. I understand what you go through. We both need to try to live alongside the dark clouds, it is possible we are doing it already!

Wishing you all the best

dr jonny
You are correct, we tread the same route you and I, Its always reassuring to have
friends when darkness descends.:smile:
Kindest Regards Fed:sunglasses: