The Skype Challenge

Blueyes made a very good comment, on the desertion thread, that made me think.

He made the point that people on the forum often type things and act in ways that they would never do if they were face to face with the person they were arguing with. Texting and the internet are fantastic communication tools but sometimes its all to easy to be misconstrued.

When located in the same room as someone you are debating with, body language and intonation of the voice can be taken into consideration.

We also tend to respect the right of others to voice an opinion, whether we agree with it or not, when we meet them in person.

There have been several social events created by various internet forums which have allowedus to meet other pwp and get to know each other.

As an alternative to meeting in person we could use Skype to have online meetings.Its easy to set up and would be positive aand easy to administer.

Does this sound feasable?

Hi Leyther,
I see the reasoning behind the skype suggestion,but feel that that could create a problem in itself.Segregation of those not comfortable,those who feel compelled to use skype when totally ill at ease.Argumentative fallouts on skype,plus upset caused with no moderation.Bogged down with messages when switching on computer.The risk of skype itself becoming an alternative outlet which detracts from open discussion on the forums.I can think of countless reasons.
However pwp,can do this already if need be and it is perhaps a good way of settling differences.If done en masse however i can see a myriad of potential problems.
Maybe i should have voiced the following on a different thread,but hey!,freedom of choice.I can,t for the life of me understand why pwp using this forum can,t just kiss and make up.Accept each others differing views.Of course there will always be heated debate.Why though get so personal.We are all in the same boat,just use some common sense,think of others feelings.Is it really that difficult.
The people who leave the forum or are cowed into silence are predominantly the sensitive,non argumentative types.It fills me with sadness to witness this degeneration,and as anxiety and depression often come hand in hand with pd,how many are sent to the depths of despair as they watch their lifeline crumble in front of their eyes.
Personally,i have been posting less amongst the squabbling,preferring to pop in and out where and when i deem relevant.The main reason being the recent false nature of certain posts and the exploding discussions,Ad infinitum,of topics explored and exhausted beyond all reason.
I am pleased that everyone is trying to revive things before its too late,yourself included Leyther,for whom i have the deepest respect.Solving these issues is not rocket science.Just multiple common sense.
All the best
and let peace reign
Titan x

I was not suggesting skype as an alternative to the forum postings.

More as a one off, easy way to be in direct contact with others, more of a break down of barriers rather than an in depth discussion.

I would perhaps suggest each person give an outline of how pd affects them.
No arguing, just a simple appreciation that we are more than words on a page and that we all are in the same boat together.

We all want to better manage our pd or that of our partners.

That's our common aim surely.

We can all get the blinkers on at times, believing our ideas are right to the exclusion of others

It would be great to put our perceived differences to one side and just hear each others stories.

Ideally, I would prefer a social function but it's impractical because of distance, cost and time scale (we want this to be resolved quickly surely?)

There's no technical reason why we can't and furthermore it would put an end to the identity issue once and for all.


I'd be willing to Skype with other pwp and or their carers, I enjoy talking to others about pd we can learn a lot from each other.
ino i have bin told i dont understand things to well,and to grow up,which that hurts.but i will just say i dont think skpe will work on this forum at all:smile:
would you care to explain why not ali

its not intended as a regular feature just a one off to break the ice
Hi Leyther,
Got ya,no probs.As you know,i use skype myself so appreciate the advantages.Just looking from alternate angles.As long as everyone is content,then so am i.
All the best
Of the two topics I have posted this one seems to have been largely overlooked whilst the other (reasons for leaving the forum) has now approaching 4000 reads.

I thought the skype idea would be a way forward.

A way of reconciliation.

I have attended two PDJ social events and they have both been a joy.

It is often stated that we are not understood by those without pd.

To meet other PWP and their carers and to become friends through the common bond of illness I would truly recommend.

Skype seemed a quick fix, an easy, inexpensive way to make contact.

Humanise the process.

So here's another question.

I'm going to try to make this one easier so that we don't get any arguments and its open to anyone, including the 100 plus "boo radleys " in the shadows observing this forum.

If you were invited to a social gathering of PD people who have posted on this forum would you attend.


Assume that geographical locations, expense, holidays, state of health can be overcome.

Whatever your situation we would get you there.

There would be no agenda ie particular subject up for discussion, it would be,purely social, with the exception that as an ice breaker. PWP and carers would be asked to provide a brief introduction. as to how pd affects them.

Also there would be no obligation to stay, other than to hear every individuals introductory speech.

Answer is a simple YES OR NO.

Thank you


PS mine is a YES.
leyther my answer would be yes i would like to go,but the only prob i would have is standin up infront of people talkin ,to shy to do that infront of alot of people:smile:
Hi Leyther,

Yes, I would be willing to attend, providing I am free on a decided date.
Like Jem I'd attend if I was available to do so at the date decided.

Maybe talking to a big group would be a bit daunting to some, it's just an idea but if some people would prefer to write down how PD affects them and then maybe a friend, partner or carer could speak for them?
Yes. I would come Leyther.
Lets keep it simple folks.

Yes or No

assuming if you cant speak you can write or if u dont want to speak just observe


Nene x
I haven't got skype but am sure I could sort it out.

so Yes

Yes I would welcome the opportunity.

leyther i thought about this agin ,im bit worried ,cus i rote no to skype ,but yes to the meeting ,cus i bin to 2 meetings before with pd junc in the past and enjoyed my self,and ive been to many social gatherings to do with donating money and handing over cheques through fund raising to steve ford,but wot concerns me now,is when i have rote yes to this social gatherin if it worked out,would i actually be accepted this time cus there is some people that have turned there backs on me and have disliked me and it has made me feel extremly un comphy and teary about things,just a thought mark.x:smile: