The Surgical Legend

Those porky pies fall from the mouth without a thought or care,
And contradictions will abound for all to stop and stare.

One cannot be in theatre under trusted surgeon’s knife
While simultaneously being heard in vocal strife.

Is it really possible to dance from dusk till dawn,
With supra pubic catheter in place until the morn?

One cannot fly to Europe, or to any other land
When he from chemotherapy needs patients close at hand.

And don’t forget the ten-week course for physical repair
Which also would have clashed with Spain should one have travelled there.

It really is amazing to fight off the “Big C” twice,
Whilst suffering from Parkinson’s – that really can’t be nice.

And all the extra worries that come with dystonia’s pain
On top of wond’ring why they want a second scan of brain.

A patient with arthritis, which affects both back and hip
Would tell of major pain all day, not just complain of gyp.

And serious grave problems with the bottom spinal discs
Would have the doctors fearing that there were too many risks.

And finally, lest we forget, there’s diabetes there,
And only with one kidney left – there used to be a pair.

So let's all lift a glass and cheer, a toast across the nation -
The NHS's number one gold star imagination!

Creative corner??
My AS S.
Youre in the wrong place, old chap.
Bull shi ne round the back.

Obviously aimed at a specific person, but a very funny poem, nonetheless.

caroline if u think that poem is funny ,i dont no wot bit u have read,it is digustin that this kinda thing is allowed to be put on the forum ,aimed at people,nothin aginst u caroline,just the poem,if u can actually call it that:rolling_eyes:

I was just appreciating a very cleverly written poem, nothing more or less. I am certainly not being dragged into any arguments you might be indulging in.

yep i do relize this caroline,im not arguin with no one,he doin it all by him self im afraid,im ignorin as much as possible,i dunna wont rows and stuff,:smile:

I agree with you Caroline. It was a very well written poem.

I am merely a poet, recording my observations. I have not named any individuals, so what's the problem?

O dear:disappointed:

To Ray of Sunshine,

Do not mock what you can,t see
Or do not understand
People get by in different ways
Do not dismiss off hand

In life sometimes it's hard to cope
You have your problems to
Why all the personal attacks
Well here's some back at you

You are a dictating know it all
A sad and lonely clown
Who honks his horn with big Red nose
Tries pulling people down

A man(I choke)a poor excuse,
Who bored between his slumbers
Paints discord across the forum
Colour blind painting by numbers

Each small mistake,a different view
Your there to shout abuse
When cornered,caught Red handed
Find any small excuse

Can,t help yourself,your nasty
You have a one track mind
Belittle every one you can
Then rob all others blind

Everybody knows you sun cloud
As a spiteful little man
Think of others circumstances first
Be considerate if you can

But I think that is beyond you
Mr Ego through the roof
Come take a shot at me you fool
You'll find I'm bullet prof.

Leave people alone,we all have our problems,
but you are nasty to everyone who does not dance to your tune.
Go and jitter bug back to where you belong

Good morning Titan, and a Happy New Year to you.

I have mentioned no names, so make no personal attacks.
I have declared nothing as fact, without having proof.
I do not mock, dismiss, dictate, paint discord, belittle or rob.
I am not sad, lonely, spiteful, abusive or inconsiderate.
But I do expose untruths, false claims and deceit.

Is this wrong?


WOW, The quality of the poems on here are getting better and better

2012 will we survive
Bickering started
All the cruel jibes

Sit back and think
Who cast the first stone
No one is perfect
Do we stand here alone

Responsible for our actions
words and our thoughts
Lets try to get on
Lets fight to survive

Lets start with the word sorry
Its easy to write
Ill be the first one
Ill start the year right