The tempermental cycle

Many of us struggle with what everbody calls stress.We can nver rid ourselves of frustration but we can learn how to stop it from causing emotional distress.

Ill give you a example.

I went to anew doctor awhile ago.A friend had told me the practice was good so I expected a good  result.The doctor saw me briefly and before I knew it he was goneeveb before I got any answers to my questions. .My reaction was one of dismay and lowered feelings.(the flair)

I started having thoughts about what mistake i could have made to cause such a disaster.(I was wrong )could it be he wasn't such a good choice(he was wrong)(aftereffect)

Then i realised I had to do something totally unemotional to clear my mind.(objectivity ceases panic)

I spotted ithat the event was outerenviroment and I couldn.t control it. the doctor wasn't wrong he was his average.I was not wrong as I did my best and  there are other doctors out there,lol

before I had my training i would have worked this up and complained and gotten nervous symptoms which mostly came in obsessive thoughts(I couldn't get it off my mind).

The method helps with the aftereffect which is easier.few can stop the reaction at the flair to begin with it but after persistence you will be able.My flare use to be a flamethrower where now it's just a pilot light,lol

The method of Dr Abraham low gives hope that we can overcome emotional distress and have to deal with only the physical side of PD and whatever is thrown at us .

I hope you can see the benefit of his wonderful gift