The threat of inconsideration

 I WAS GOING TO INFORM THE FORUM of a incident that occured yesterday and having carefully crafted  also  this gap appeared????????????????????


 tale of anger fear and stupidity the whole post just dissapeared,,, phf gone and as I have no intention of repeating myself Im logging out, can someone tell me why this happens.??????????????????????????


Hi Fed.

Yes, That has happened to me too!  The system automatically times you out if you don't type your post quickly enough. A handy feature to put on a forum for people with motor / dexterity skills, don't you think?!  eye roll

Annoyingly, it seems to do it randomly too.....sometimes it gives you ages before it times you out but other times it will do it after a relatively short time (or maybe that's just me being paranoid!)

Anyway, these days, if I think that the post I'm writing is likely to be a long and / or particular time-consuming one (or when my PD is really bad and I'm struggling to type) I type it in a Word document first, then copy and paste it into the post, just to be on the safe side!

Hope this helps.

Kathy  smile

Good morning Kathy.   I is frustrating and annoying when composing something of relevance to our every day problems something Important and you have put a lot of effort into it and it suddenly  vanishes, I know time has to be allocated to allow fairness to all but it does put me off for a while until I calm down.

                                Kindest Regards           Fed

Hi Fed

To avoid that happening, after every sentence or so I select all of my text (press ctrl + A) and then copy the text to the clipboard (press ctrl + C); you have a copy of the text saved in case the web site freezes or you have to start again. If it does freeze or you have to reload for some reason press ctrl + V to paste your writing back into the text box.

Hope this helps

dr j 

I usually do what Kathy does. Word also has a better auto-correct, so I have less fixing up to do.

I don't always do that. But I should. I have lost a post when I have inadvertently clicked the back button.

Sorry that happened to you.

Hello Kathy Sheryll

and Doc Johny.   I will attempt to instigate the instructions you have bestowed upon me in the" there its dropped down now, I think this brand new Lenovo is possesed or has become self aware????? , it puts me off posting anyting, but as I was saying I will try your tips and we shall seeconfused

                                   FedMcFedof ClanMcFed Castle McFed Stirling

Do you think its me or am I being too, sensitive ,on Saturday while out on my Electronic non- heavy miniscule transporter, I came to a crossing point and needed to cross the river of death, so I pulled up at  Kerb and waited for the traffic to thin, and this brings me to a strange phenomena , it only occurs when I need to cross where there is no Ostrich crossing(same as pelican only bigger ) further down the road I wish to cross someone holds up the traffic, either a bloke with a stop go sign, or traffic lights which only allow one vehicle through at one   per six months , unless folks old fed wants to cross over! then all  of the accumulated raging mass of motorists is released and rather in the same way as a bursting  dam they stop for no one , anything which is unfortunate enough to be in their path is obliterated and guess who was in their path, yes folks  old fedex , I had looked both ways and the road was clear as I got almost to the refuge, thats a traffic island to you and me , along came white van man, and clipped the back???plastic bit , on my small electric vehicle, he stopped and gave a completely unfounded desciption of my parentage , his face was red as a box of snakes and as this foul tirade of words I didnt know existed finaly subdued I simply said Yes Im fine thanks, this started him off again but the volume of sound building  from traffic held up again in the space of 3 mins finally got through his thick skull and activated his driving brain cell, and off he went in a  cloud of tyre smoke, no doubt to kill some poor soul on his trip to hell. So there you have it the patience shown to those of us who have to use these Mobility devices is usually nil, so take care if you use one as there is a risk Fedof being seriously  killed.

                                            Peace          Regards     Fed

No I don't think you are being sensitive.  It is an appalling example of inconsideration and I am very sorry you were subjected to it.  I care for my husband and only last Monday I took him out in his wheelchair into a well known coffee chain with a heavy door spring loaded but that does not click open.  I struggled to get the wheelchair in and was watched by several people trying to do this.  Infuriated I shoved the foot pedals into the door to push it open, hardly ideal, but backing in was not ideal either as the turnaround was small.  Some people are lovely but some are totally inconsiderate.  I find the people who are disabled help each other as they totally understand the situation.  When we left it was the daughter of a woman in a motorised wheelchair that opened the door for me.  When you meet kindness I can never thank people enough but I mutter loudly when I meet inconsideration.  Let's just hope the guy in the white van never has to go through the things you have to!  Chin up!