The Triple Whammy

The Triple Whammy.

Parkinson, our mutual enemy, is relentless. Currently he’s hitting me with Dystonia, Dyskinesia and Akinesia as a combined weapon. Then just for good measure throwing in Inner Tremor, burning feet excess saliva, tongue sticking out and of course the switch-offs.
Must say though that the Opicapon has reduced switch-offs considerably.
Have recently had a series of tests including an Angiogram to check my heart and arteries. Can report that both are are in excellent condition for my age. What was interesting was that the consultant said that PD can muddy the pool by giving you chest pains and breathlessness.
Heh Ho. Keep fighting.
Creative Corner and Social Club help me a lot.


Good News about heart and arteries at least.

I always knew you had a good heart Jules :blush:

I am convinced I read somewhere that PD sympton of drooling is not due to making too much saliva but not swallowing enough.

Some people no longer do the ‘automatic’ jobs anymore. Swallowing , you just cannot leave it on auto pilot anymore. Try out making a concious decision to swallow regularly.

The frozen face look , I sometimes get the ‘death stare’ look , very attractive :innocent: I cannot leave blinking on auto pilot so when I feel little Ms Frosty Chops hitting , I make a concious effort to keep blinking, but sometimes it looks like I am flirting and fluttering my eyelashes ! :slight_smile:

Keep on fighting My lovely Jules, you are being hit with DAD syndrome, or shall we name it ADA syndrome.

Living with ADA sounds better xx

Hi TeeHee,

Thanks for your, always welcome, advice and input.
I have this picture in my mind of you fluttering your eyelids. Little Minx!
The triple assault is bad at the minute and blood pressure a bit better but still low. Also quite a bit of stress over my Granddaughter at UNI, who is having a few problems. Stress is meat to Parkinson. He uses it to make the bloody symptoms worse. As you well know.
Prefer the Acronym “DADS” to ADA. Don’t forget you JP and a few more were part of DADS Army.
What’s happened to the Social Club, it’s disappeared?