The waiting is the worst

Hi, i am new here, i live in Aberdeen and am 49.

I have always since childhood had a tremor in both hands, however at the start of this year i started to develop a resting tremor in my right hand, this coincided with suffering severe depression for 9 months. As with most things and being a man i just assumed it would go away, however it never so went to GP, she referred me to neurology, but the waiting list is a year. I could not wait that long so was referred privately and saw a consultant in Edinburgh. The rest tremor was very active during the appointment, however he said i had none of the other motor skills issues common with PD at this point. He then went on to rule out the tremor being caused by several other causes and i left feeling that all that was left was PD.

I have now been referred for a datscan, but again the waiting list is 6 months so just need to wait!

The anxiety caused by the waiting is excrucuiating and is impacting my mental health once more, so every day is a battle, i am also suffering from severe tiredness. When I am working I will sleep for 2 hours when i am finshed then go to bed and sleep all night, at weekends i will get up and wealk the dog then sleep for two hours the sleep for for a couple of hours in early evening - that does not seem normal to me!

Anyway just thought i would introduce myself and hope to find the forum inforamtive.

Hi Aberdeenloon,
Welcome to our forum community. Before our lovely members weigh in, we wanted to say hello and make certain you are familiar with the resources we provide here. We have a wealth of data on our website, from articles to research to archived forum discussions. We recommend this page as a start for those newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It would behoove you to have a look at this page as well, which outlines our support methods, including our free and confidential helpline, staffed with truly wonderful advisers capable of assisting with a variety of issues, including finding mental health resources close to you. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.
Please do take advantage of these tools, and above all, we hope you find comfort in our forum community.
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Welcome to the forum. I am a wife of a Parkinson’s suffer and can agree that the wait for answers is always tough and frustrating.
I note you said you’d suffered 9 months of depression, I hope you sought help for that ? Having personally suffered with depression myself on and off for alot of my adult life I can say that sleeping excessively can be part of it and can also be made worse by some of the drugs prescribed to help. Similarly ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also impact sleeping, requiring more; so too does Covid and long Covid. Of course you are probably aware of all this and just want to rule out PD with a DATscan which I fully understand. 6 months will not take long and if you are in a position to do so, maybe ask if you could attend at short notice if they have a cancellation. Meantime try and do anything to take your mind away from stressing (yep easier said than done). Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Hi @aberdeenloon I was diagnosed with PD at your age 49 (3 years ago) so your post struck a chord with me. I recognised my own collection of symptoms on the NHS site.

PD is very much a marathon, not a sprint, so try not to worry. My other advice is to exercise as often as you can; this will be drummed into you if you are diagnosed so better to start now. :wink:
Good luck

As your wife looked into deep brain stimulation

My husband has had PD 29 years and we still go abroad 3 times a year. He had Deep Brain Stimulation 17 years ago. He was feeling a bit worse recently so we are trying the B1 therapy and he is already seeing improvements after 6 days. Just remember that if you are diagnosed with PD there are very helpful groups on Facebook aswell as PD uk. Have a look at the B1 site and PD sufferers sites on FB. Try Mucuna Pruriens for now. It is herbal l-dopa and can be bought on Ebay Uk. My husband has half a teaspoon in juice. Try not to feel down. There are lots of trials on various things around the world to be optimistic about. Good luck.