Therapeutic effect of alcohol?

I had Parkinsons confirmed exactly 1 year ago, after an original diagnosis by my GP in 2004. I show the usual symptoms, as I understand them. I’ve been to the pub tonight: 3 ½ pints of Fosters and 2 rum & cokes. No tremor after the first pint; conversed confidently and coherently all evening; walked home briskly swinging arms; typed this without (many) multiple letters. Can this be (a) explained, and (b) financed by the NHS?

I should have noted that I am on Sinemet+, which keeps me going normally.

Hi Trev and welcome to the forum .So alchol works ? not for me i was dx with PD 3 yrs ago and i can safely say that alchol and pd doesnt mix very well with me personally as i get very tired quikly evven after a pint also the hangover lasts for ages and i actually felt as though i WAS going to die .I can safley say that i used to drink like a fish and think nothing about 6/7 pints a night and that was on a good night .The wife and i used to run a pub fer 2 yrs and it used to be deemed freindly to accept a pint from the locals so then 10 /15 pints used to be my average intake .I used to take 28 mgs of Ropineral also Sinemette plus and 200 OF Stalevo but started getting OCDs so was taken off Ropineral .The Sinemette plus eventually made me too Dyskensic so now only on Stalevo 200s My advice is dont drink but its up too you i am now awaiting DBS :}

I suffer if I drink a lot. Pity, because I love pun life!

PD is horrible

Thanks for those thoughts. Funnily enough, I’m fine this morning – if anything, better than usual (even the typing). I don’t drink much at all otherwise: maybe that’s something to do with it. Good luck with the DBS, Penfold.

Hi everyone if you do fancy a drink try Guinness it doesn't give you a hangover in the morning but it works
On the other end.youll find peoplei will walk away from

Potter90210. Guiness!! Thats a great idea. And its full of fibre and keeps you regular. Its been so long, I'd forgotten.

I also notice my tremor virtually disappears after alcohol, especially beer. I drink red wine normally which just relaxes me as well as for anti-oxidant value, but when I go out with friends I like to have a couple of beers. The reduction in tremor is quite startling and very welcome. I don't like to drink more than a couple as I hate hangovers, but 2 is definitely good for me. Strange because PD tremor is not supposed to be alcohol responsive which always makes me ask that question, maybe I don't have PD, maybe I have something that's curable?? I'm sure I'm not the only one? I suppose the alcohol just reduces anxiety temporarily which reduces tremor. Anyway, if it works, I'm going to do it.

Hi Thedude

That is an interesting effect, before my o/h was diagnosed with PD our GP gave him beta blockers and asked him to return in month one of the things he asked him to monitor was if he had any alcohol did the tremor stop ? as if it had it may have been Essential Tremor , sadly it didn't .
One of our neighbors different GP was told he had PD 7 years ago, symptoms never got any worse and last week following his yearly visit to Neuro they have now decided he has ET not PD !
Regards x

Tremor is usually worse when one is stressed or anxious. Alcohol promotes a relaxed and more confident feeling. Therefore less stress, less tremor. I personally prefer to avoid alcohol but if it works for you that's fine. But beware of relying on alcohol as a sort of emotional crutch. You may eventually feel that you cannot manage without it. It is not a substitute for prescribed medication.

Thanks Bubble, annoyingly I have other PD symptoms too. It appears to be the way with PD that one thing works for 1 person but has no effect on someone else, be that medication, alcohol or any other therapy; we just have to find our own way through it.

Christo – no chance of developing a drink habit here; but, for me, to be more-or-less unaware of the debilitating effects of PD once a week is priceless.
Friday night: must get my coat on….

Cheers Trev! :wink:

Hi, my dad has had PD for nearly 20years now and i have only recently took over his care after my mothers death a few months ago. My dad is only 65 and me and my siblings have all noticed that if he has any more than 1 drink he is completely off the planet for about 5 days after. At first we thought it was that he didnt have a great nights sleep after drinking, but then as the days went on and it happened a second time, we realised it was drinking that did it. He wouldn't even have much and i would hate to deny him having a drink but he is very hard work in the days afterwards it doesnt seem worth it. He only had a glass of wine with his christmas dinner and 2 hot whiskeys after and he is still very confused about everything now (and its the 28th Dec). He does suffer from hallucinations and confusion normally with all the meds, which we have had to reduce over time, so the alcohol must have an effect on all that. He used to go to the pub a few years ago but now as the PD has progressed alcohol seems to be something that does not agree with it at all. Is this something that happens with other PD sufferers? I would hate to think that he is in the minority. I would love to show him the forum to let him know that he is not alone with all the side effects.