Therapy centre in Italy?

Hi there

During the first steps meetings it was mentioned about some therapy centre in Northern Italy close to Milan/Bergnout.
I’ve Googled it and found this place:

Is this the right place does anyone know?

There are some old threads praising their work so I would like to book a place for next year.


Hi Dhobbs,
You might like to give our helpline a call, as they have a raft of resources, including those outside the UK. You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.
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I will give them a call.

Hopefully I haven’t broken any forum rules in linking an external website, :disappointed:


Hi Dhobbs,
We went to the centre about 4 years ago.
I cannot recommend it more highly.
The programme was excellent and the team brilliant.
We intended to return but my husband’s condition deteriorated rapidly and his diagnosis changed to MSA.
I definitely think it’s worth going.

Thanks Michelle
I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about the place. Hopefully I can get a place next year in the summer.

Hi, we’ve looked this place in Italy up too and we’re hopeful of going on contacting them last time they had no facilities to take full time wheelchair users, so sadly no good for us as husband is full time in wheelchair. Good luck

I also have attended a week’s programme at REGEN. It’s focussed particularly on high intensity physio sessions each day and the physio team is excellent. You also get sessions on a holistic approach to looking after yourself with Parkinson’s, and you can book separate paying sessions with a speech therapist, a podologist … The centre shares premises with thermal spa baths and you get a discount for sessions at the spa. Accommodation is in local hotels. I went with a group, I think the centre has now included the group option into its offer.
I’ve added the link to the account of our trip,( it’s in French)