Therapy centre in Italy

I was wondering if anyone has attended the course in Italy?
If so did you find it helpful? Have your symptoms/ quality of life improved?
Thank you

I have attended the European Parkinson’s therapy centre in march 2019 and again in September 2022. The therapy consists of daily exercises on one to one sessions with a dedicated physio. They worked me harder than I ever would myself. In addition there are consultations with a psychologist and talks on living with Parkinson’s. Prices are reasonable. Iwas so pleased the first time I went back. I may well return for a third time

I attended 4 years ago and would have gone back if not for the lockdown. It made a huge difference for me, mainly because of the daily physio sessions. I’ve had good physiotherapy in the UK, but not daily, one to one, for a fortnight! When I arrived I was in almost continuous pain and had been using a stick for years. When I left I no longer needed a stick and was almost pain free. I also enjoyed the spa to which the therapy centre is attached.