There is always a cost

 Good morning.  I have been taking slow release Madopar , trying to improve my mobility through the night, which it does it works well, however it has the very unwanted side effects  night terrors, these are of a severity never before encountered and are of such detail and clarity that I fear they will drive me insane, I know I have mentioned this problem before on the Forum but this is exceeding my capacity to deal with the content and is causing  confusion and heartbreak in my waking hours, in addition other aspects   of my life appear to be crumbling , things which I hold dear the very foundations of my reason for living are slipping through my grasp and I am losing the battle with PD I am becoming tolerant of the drugs and systems that were keeping my head above water , whilst at the same time Important people in my life are seeming less tolerant of me I am in  a very bad place right now and feel very unsure what steps to take next,and lurking in the background is the constant threat of depression, as I say , there is always a cost, I have no sanctuary no refuge to fall back on, only this forum with which I can voice my fears Im struggling


Sorry to hear you're struggling fed. have you contacted the consultant? Are you able to contact the parkinson's nurse? I'm sure you're not the only one going through this. I agree with you that there is always a cost with this disease. Take care fed! Everyone on here wishes you well dr j

Sorry  to hear you are struggling Fed,

My neuro put me on 8mg of Requip which gave me sleep paralysis, sparkly vision and night time aural hallucinations. Not funny.

We reduced the dose to 6mg and all of the side effects stopped immediately. My point is, maybe your dose needs tweaking. Contact your neuro / Parkinson's nurse, ask for help.

Don't let it beat you!!



Hello carolineb211 and dr johnnie

I contacted a friend of mine who has PD  she is considerably worse off than I am but always seems to stay on top of things, she also has a terrible time with hideous dreams but agreed with you caroline with regard to lowering the dose, and said it did lessen the effect and made her sleep patterns calmer, she also contacted her PD Nurse via E mail and was told the same thing so I will take the full dose tonight, well in 1hr, and see how I get through the night and if I have to endure another night like  last night I will reduce it tommorow, thank you both for your replies,  there is more trouble brewing however , I have always been a believer in strong family bonds its essential that when a family member needs support , and I mean any kind of support then the rest of the clan gathers and the problem is secured, well there is another aspect , another way of looking at this support and that is when your children enter this world  the love you give them is unconditional and with no limits or boundaries and I have always applied this law when raising my two Daughters, and my love for them is very strong I have steered them through many minefields in their 41 and 38 years, when my marriage disintegrated I was determined to secure custody of my two precious children and after a what seemed like endless amount of solicitors letters and arguments I achieved my goal , we had a bit of a struggle for a while, but things settled and life progressed,  M and  R were  6 and 8 back then.   Now  we have had our ups and downs and disagreements but always found a way to sort them out but now I find myself in a very awkward situation, its a rock and hardplace  situation, and as is usual for most families  troubles it involves money,  quite a lot of money, now I have gifted both my children many times when they have needed cash " I will pay you back dad" butI always released them from paying back the money to help them unconditionally , but the amount of money needed would mean breaking into savings which are in a account taken out when it was possible to place large sums away in very high interest very secure institutions but only if you left the cash for 15years so if I attempt to remove any monies  a very large sum of interest will be lost, so I informed my daughter of this and suggested a much smaller amount could be loaned , but not  the bank draining sum asked of me. I now have no contact , am I wrong in digging my heels in this time my wife and I saved hard all our working life, now  we are both retired and both have health problems and we are being requested to break into our savings and when pointing out why we cannot and will not do so It  has resulted in this awful situation where I feel guilty, if it was a life or death  or life changing incident  where one of my Grand Children needed emergency treatment in America they would be given the cash without quibble or question, as I say I feel so guilty,when I suggested doing what my wife and I did and save up the amount required, well I wont go there, I hope you dont mind me dumping my troubles on this Forum for all to see but I would like opinions , am I right or wrong it is applying stress levels on  me which I do not need at this time .



Good morning,  I had a much better night  slumber rating 95% bad dreams 5% so much improved I had missed my clorezapam this would no doubt  have contributed as it does have a calming effect, I wont go on about this as other even more unpleasantness lies ahead, which I may not find easy to deal with, I hope Im wrong but I never get two days in a row where I am free of worry.

     A very worrried                Fed