Think positive


Forget what you can’t do. 

Focus on what you can.

Lots of people here on the forum say they take control of their life with Parkinson's by staying positive.

What helps you #‎thinkpositive‬ even when things are hard?



Is this where I respond to the Think Positive campaign?

I love the way Parkinson's UK keep giving us little slogans to keep us going, motivating, planning action and activity. Pedal for Parkinson's, In this Together, Party for Parkinson's etc. There's just one problem with all this partying, planning, pedalling, parachuting etc. The letter 'P' won't work very well on my keyboard so I keep writing about being ositive for arkinson's

I have to go now but I do have things to say about this subject.

Positivity is immensely important but how can you be positive after reading some of the heart-breaking stories about Parkinson's. I read one on here yesterday - and I wept buckets for the poor man involved.

I was diagnosed 20 years ago when I was 41. I am Queen of Positivity and Optimism but I think self-help and therapy are the keys to help you to look on the bright side. Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Building Shed Therapy, Washing-UpTherapy, Looking for Missing 'P' therapy! It works for me BUT there will come a time when it won't. Parkinson's has a way of getting you in the end and for the poor man I read about yesterday, it will not be a word in his vocabulary. Or his carer's.

Does any of this make sense? I can be positive but I can be aranoid too! (see what I did there?)


One of my problems is  I can't be positive about myself. Having read my piece above I am expecting people to think  that it was ridiculous.


i know what your saying ! i was 36 dx and i feel robbed


Hi Lin and Gus
Yes, this is exactly the place to talk about thinking positive. Thanks for being the first to post.

Staying positive is one of the six key ways that people with Parkinson's told us they feel more in control of their condition. And Lin, it sounds like a positive outlook has helped you too.

Of course everyone will have a bad day or maybe worry about the future. But even so, when our resources team spoke to others with Parkinson's many shared that even something as simple as acknowledging when things go well could help.

Some of the people in the film so address remaining positive even during bad days or even while worrying about the future. Have you had a chance to watch it?  I hope it gives you both some inspiration.




My Father had a stroke 6 weeks ago.

It made me think although I have this too face I also now have too think about the Care and well being of my Father he is 76, he has had too slow down and take a back seat to all the things he would normally do.

With that in mind and thinking about my Future, How will i be?, How will he be?.

I have been trying too get round to doing all the jobs that need doing at Home Knowing if i Don't address them Now i may not be able too in the Future,I Cant wait for maybe, and he may not be able too help me or be around too do them.

In the last six weeks I have repaired a shed, that might sound trivial, But it needed doing for the Future, It took me 4 hours too put a post into the inside corner of a shed and attach it too the Shed and seal it,and then another morning on the outside corner to make a strong joint and seal if from the weather, How long would it take a able person too do that?,20 mins? or a hour?.

I felt i had achieved something technical and on my own terms, I hadn't done any carpentry since i was at school 30 yrs ago.I have also re felted one Shed and painted two, cleared out no end of Junk, repaired a green house door, and a cold frame And i'm now looking at some indoor decorating that needs too be Done.

If I can't do these things  I set them out As a Goal, then really What is life??.

Ok i'm not going too be Running a marathon or jumping out of a plane, Or having a nice holiday. that Just isn't the Picture of reality for Me.

Life is hard and it continues too be Harder with this, for me The biggest barrier is still other peoples perception of Parkinsons, they make the simple impossible and the impossible as if it is Just something simple.


Hi sea angler,

Many people with Parkinson's have told us how important having the right attitude can be, and how it's about doing things when you can. Of course, everyone will still have good and bad days. But it's great to hear the sense of achievement you got from repairing the shed, and I hope it's inspiring for others.




I have remained positive by continuing to work full time in  the NHS. 

I am now planning for retirement after 37 years in NHS looking after others it now time for me to look  after myself. 

Since diagnosis  in 2012  age 51 any absence from work has not been PD related, let me see that life goes on and  my absences have been for the usual winter ailments and breaking my arm. 

In retirement I will have time to do all the things I cannot  do because of work getting in the  way - long  lie in  the morning, leisurely breakfast,  retail therapy, spend more time with  family and friends.  

Extra volunteering for PDUK  already facilitator for self management  programme.  

Life is good and I have a lot to be thankful for - still able to do everything just takes longer. 

Always look on the bright side of life. cool




Hi Bethankit

Well done, I hope you are appreciated for your loyalty to the NHS, and all the best when you do finally retire. I retired last November and life has been so different and easier for me. I joined our local Parkinsons group and have become a member of the committee helping to organise outings for those who are unable to help themselves and obviously can't go far with out help. I enjoy this work and it has also kept me focused and not ponder on my own problems. So roll on your retirement you won't know yourself with all the freedom you will have! 

Take care and good health - Sheffy



Hi Sheffy

Thanks for your response, I know, I keep being  told I will wonder how I ever found time to work. Can I ask what you worked at before retirement?, good for you joining the group and the committee,  I bet you find it really worthwhile. 

Take  care 



just got back from my dbs nero & nurse as my legs are giving up the shaking & tremors are under controll on deep brain stimulation, so they are trying different meds to give me more on time that is when you can walk normal getting there but alot of jiggling a round but bristol southmead brain center having giving me hope & strength to carry on ! very big thanks to carroline & alan whone who stayed and helped me on a friday night 6.45pm i owe them and their team big time cheers.  They have just been filming with emma willis about dbs its going out next year itv called the miracle. if it wasn't for dbs i would have give up ! what im saying is theres people out there who care !


Hello again.

Ezinda,  what are the other five ways of being in control?

I find that, as time goes on, developing strategies to regain control, gives me more confidence. I am not as distressed as I used to be when horrible Parkinson things start to happen. I can cope with freezing, heavy public toilet doors, panic attacks, immobility, on/off times etc by developing/using strategies.

One of my biggest confidence boosters was discovering two sticks are better than one! One of them being a Parkinson's UK stick. People almost stand on their heads to see what the message says.

One of my poetry books is called 'All Under Control'. I hope you've still got your copy Ezinda!!!

Writing poems has been a life-line for me.


I stay positive by helping others in return i find i gain friendship and that is so special.




A big thanks to everyone for sharing your positives. It is clear time and time again that the biggest source of information and inspiration comes from others who live with Parkinson's.

I don't know if you have had a chance to look at the Taking Control booklet. But it is made up entirely of quotes from people with the condition. This is broken down into the six main ways people have told us that they take control of the condition. 

Lin, I was just logging in to post about the second one. This will be up shortly.

And yes I do still have my book of poetry!




Hi Sea Angler

This was a post that rang so many bells with me - I mowed the lawn two days go. It used to take me less than 30 mins, I was over one and a half hours doing it - most of time taken up with trying to get moving again each time I had to turn at the ends.  And have to empty the box twice as often as I can't now walk & carry it when heavy & full. Crazy effort but had to do it for my own sanity. I have still not come to terms with my inability to do simple practical tasks like decorating, gardening, window cleaning. Have got to learn to ask for help, but that is really hard. By nature I am a positive thinker, but even so I get really fed up with the way this condition limits my life and intrudes on that of my family.




Hi Supa,

I quite agree, although I keep myself occupied most of the time,I tend to still get fed up with the way this parkinsons still limits your life and how it effects the family. It's very rare that  I am on my own, but today I am and I don't know what to do with myself!

Hi Bethankit

I used to work in the catering and I was assigned to work at Triumph motorcycles, which is fairly near to where I live. It entailed a lot of walking about and of course handling meals on plates, it was quite funny at meal times serving meals when my hand started to shake, the food nearly ended up on the floor, but the staff were very good and understood and helped! I love being retired, but on the other hand I do miss all the banter..........

Sheffy x




I'd love this Forum too have a 'autosave' Feature as you typed it would save much frustration.

For the second time.

I try too Plan Everything ahead Supa even the smallest task.

But the Reality is often not to plan too the vision of the plan i have in my mind, marrying a Cordless screwdriver too a screw head is a game in itself, i have some wall paper waiting too patch a space where a cabinet was a fixed to a wall, if the body is willing i'll try tmrw, i have a good supply of paper Lol. and then can Paint at my leisure.

I used too work in Catering Sheffy but Alas i became a Danger too myself, my work m8's, with all the Hot things and processes within a kitchen I forgot what i was doing half the time after 14 yrs of Doing it  daily and then serving customers keeping the product on the serving implement was difficult at the best of times.


Hi Sea Angler,

There is an 'undo' button at the top of the text box that can help - once you start typing, a little arrow goes from light grey to dark grey in the the middle of the tool bar at the top of the text box.

Best wishes,
Digital Team


Hi Sheffy

I can just imagine food taking a tumble but as you say folk helped, and nobody burned or injured due to your shaky hand. 

As a scrub nurse I wondered if I would manage, but of course I did and never had a tremor  suppose I was concentrating too much for that to happen. confused



Hi sea angler

I think if I hadn't retired when I did then I would have had to leave, because I also felt that I was becoming a bit of a hazard in the kitchen! I was responsible for the salad bar but I found it more difficult prepping things ie.,  tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and such like, but that's all behind me now, don't miss it, but I miss the banter as I said. I worked with a lovely crowd, we had loads of fun. Keep lively and focused, that's my motto now!

Regards Sheffy x