Thinking and hoping to get back to work

Hello I’m 48 diagnosed 4 years ago and would love to get back to some kind of work after giving up being a self employed joiner just after getting diagnosed.

I’m getting the usual benefits that was a real struggle to get and involved going to tribunal.
On my good days I still struggle but feel I could still do some sort of work the only problem is on my bad days I’m probably unemployable but I feel with out given it a go I’ll never know
and if that’s the case I’ll have all the stress of applying for benefits once again.
It would be nice to hear if anyone is in a similar situation or has had a career change and returned back to work and how they found it.

Hi @Mrbecks007,:wave:

It’s great that you want to get back into work, but as you’ve suggested, working with Parkinson’s can be very challenging. However; we have a lot of information on our website to help you make informed decisions on your working life, including options on the kind of work available to you when you have Parkinson’s. You kind find more information on this here:

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best wishes,