Thinking the forum could be a waste of time

hello everybody.
im thinking is it worth writing on this forum anymore.
yes i do things differently to most people by dressing up to collect for pds.
but it gets results. but ive writen many messages on the forum and not many replies at all.
all i am doing is collecting while im reasonably fit to do so.
if some people dont like it fair enough that is there oppinion.
i shall carry on collecting for pds.
but im not sure about the forum anymore.

best wishes .

Hi trikeman,
I think the charity work is great that you have done,wish I lived closer so could see you in costume.I'm sorry about the way you feel about the forum.I have found your posts useful.
Take Care Dot xxx
Hi Trikeman
I'm new to the forum (OH only got his diagnosis last week). Just wanted to let you know that I've read your messages too and I have found it really useful knowing there are other people out there. Sorry you haven't received many replies - so now you have another one..from me.
Take care
Pecker up Trikey.. remember to read is not always to post..
bye bye sf.
ill keep on trikeing for pds
youve had 65 viewers.
It can only get better.
hi sid.
thanks i think i will keep triking for pds.
ive got next costume dracula on the trike.
for halloween
all the local kids should like it decorate trike up as well with some lanterns masks etc.

all best

hi trike,

i'm sorry your feeling like this, keep up the good work,you are doing a tremendous job.i agree it's best to do these things while we still can.

all the best goldi....
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hi goldilocks.
thanks for your message .
its not praise im looking for as for the fundraising goes.
ive posted several messages about tablets and other items.
and dont seem to get much responce.

hiya trikey.
thanks for emails ,happy to help if I can
mm :smile::smile:
Hi Trikeman

It is my fault you are feeling ignored and I cannot begin to say sorry. I am sorry though.

Your efforts are amazing.... ideas for costumes.

Halloween try the ghoul, a ghost or the grim reaper.

Christmas santas little helper and have an elves costume and partly wrapped presents and letters from santa etc
you could also do Divali (the festival of light).
Dolly she can come out for a barn dance easter.
Keep up the good work

take care

Tina x
It may be because people like me can't work out how to use the Forum, having never done anything like this before! It could well be a waste of time for me as well, have worked on it for nearly an hour and still haven't 'got' it - wondering if PD has really started to affect my basic intelligence as well!
hello tamsin and welcome to the forum.
when i first came to the forum it was like a minefield and i couldnt get used to it.
so dont go away stick with it and have a look around.
im the one that keeps getting dressed up in fancy dress raising money on my recumbent trike.
the dracula costume is ready to go for hallowen and give the kids a laugh or scare

all the best .


Hi Trkerman, like they said, don't take lack of comments as lack of interest, it's nothing personal.

It's true that its not the most used forum out there but it's only going to get busier.

Keep doing what you are doing, its very much appreciated.

p.s. I found the Vauxhall Insignia Forum extremely useful and only made about 3 comments in 18 months



Halloween Trike eh?


I don't think the forum is a waste of time.

I admit that it was very difficult to use back on 24 Sep when they were still getting the bugs out of it.

Now the easiest way to use it for me is to click on a bookmark to the "Active Topics" section in my Bookmarks Toolbar, and "voila!" (or "¡mira!" if I'm thinking in Spanish) I'm reading the latest breaking forum news!

It's that simple, and you don't even have to look at all the threads, just the ones that interest you.


Dont know if this helps but you can spread the word by requesting information packs that you can put up in your local gps,hospitals,and chemists just e-mail    [email protected]  quote this ref pk0201 add name address .LETS GET OUR MESSAGE OUT THERE! WERE A TEAM

Also type in washbags  into forum search barwink

Triky  ,so sorry I have missed your  posts I'm  not making excuses ,but I have a problem with my eyes.Waiting for my appointment next I've tender to hang around the old C corner.even my ryhmes are short and sweet. Keep up the good work lots of love Angel 4u

Hi all I'm still around had poem llaston yr  b in hosp but got through that and santas getting warmed up again. Best wishes trikestrikes

sorry triky, i sorry i missed your threads but many thanks & keep it up!