This gadget is impressive





Make mine a very dry Martini,,,shaken not stirred....Emma is amazing in many ways and her reaction to how well this device worked for her...brought me tears of happiness cause I entirely get this problem....simple conceptually but what a great effort to make this work...almost like a external DBS...

Dont know if you also have this tremor issue but I for one think the application is both needed and emense...awsome!!



 i thought the first part about young james the photographer although not connected with was interesting PD, but as i like to take photography myself i struggle with the same issues though not obviously the same disability.

with young emma's part, i often try to draw what i am trying to write if that makes any sense, it could if universally works apply it to tying fine lines and knot presentations.


Got to get me one of those 


yep thats a really useful gadget,does anyone know if you can buy one yet and how much would something like that cost?


The Emma seemed to be a good tool. Have searched and can find no information. Interesting that technical details and plans for some of the stories are being released, unfortunately not the Emma, I assume the engineers bosses (Microsoft) will want first dibs.  There is a product called a happic which is a fitness wrist band that has similar vibrators.  


I do not think these will be too difficult to build.  The minivibrators are on eBay for a couple of pounds and the on off timing can be controlled with something like an arduino control board. If anyone out there has some experience with arduino programming maybe we could get a few people to collaborate and have a go at building one while we can still hold a soldering iron stil (lol)


Shaking Steve,

Good idea!

I'd be happy to join such a group. Using the Arduino, I've built a few gadgets  to help my Parkinson's. The best of which are:

- a data logger to measure my movements 24/7;

- a box that beeps when my posture gets bad.

Each is the size of a small pack of cards. The components in each cost about £20. But, if built in bulk, I suspect you could build it for under £5.

I find that the step from having something working on a breadboard (a device used in electronics to build prototypes without soldering) to having it wearable is very difficult.



Hi john great to hear your response

agree the step to make a workable unit is difficult, I would like a device to help steady my hand when doing bench work. So for me a wrist strap and control electronics in a small box attached would be a workable first step

i will do some research to see if there are any programs out there to control the little vibrators.

do you use facetime



Hi all

I too was interested in the Emma device- it looked really good on TV and was a heartwarming story. I have a technical background in aircraft control systems, so am intrigued to understand why this system damps out the hand tremor. What are the underlying principles? Does anyone on the Forum know?

I would be  keen to continue a techy dialogue on this.