This is getting on my nerves now!

Mr P came to stay 10 years ago this year (Oooh must have paaaaaarrrrtttyyyyy!!!)
I have an odd situation that I desperately hope you can relate to…
about 2 weeks ago I woke in the night, opened my eyes to my vision rolling back n forth, this passed after a while thankfully but ever since I have suffered from dizziness / light headed and my balance is off and my walking is worse. I visited my gp was stumped, my consultant had given me a new tablet to add to my daily dose of ropinirole xl, its called amantadine, my gp advised me to start taking them in a hope they might improve my dizziness.
I have taken them for 8 days now and the dizziness is still happening as is the other symptoms??? the odd thing is that the first 2 days of the amantadine my tremor stopped and my walking was great then the following day they were back!!
thank you all in advance x

My first thought is that this is not necessarily part of your Parkinsons. The symptoms you describe are almost identical to those described by a friend of mine a year ago and a scan revealed she’d had a stroke at the back of brain. Has your GP considered other possibilities? In your situation I’d want a second opinion especially as the new symptoms started so suddenly.

I have PD and have experienced this. Equilibrium off, vertigo. Some mornings when I awake, but have not yet opened my eyes, I say that I am in a boat, swaying. I have found that niacin (B 3 vitamin 500mg - get the flush-free kind) at bedtime. It will lower blood pressure so read up on this before you try it. Vertigo meds put me to sleep! So with the niacin I may feel it before I open my eyes but 95% of the time vertigo doesn’t happen. Hope this helps.

Hi, omg really!? Doctors have not mentioned that :tired_face:

Hi jaffy, thank you for your response I’m a bit panicky about the possibility of a stroke, did your symptom start suddenly? X

Calm down, my friend is ok now! But you do need a proper diagnosis for the sudden onset of your strange symptoms and important not to blame everything on the PD unless other causes are ruled out. You might find the information here useful if you haven’t seen it already & it’s worth downloading the pdf which is a bit more informative.

This may also be helpful

I guess my symptoms came slowly, thank God. Strokes and PD are not related, as far as I know. Take care and take one day, hour at a time.

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Hi Maria,
I get this problem and I have PD. I have had it on and off for a number of years. I was diagnosed just over two years ago although it was a possible symptom from the time before I got my diagnosis. At the time I had a lot of tests via an ENT consultant with no conclusion other than it wasn’t my ears. It was suggested it might be associated with arthritis in my neck. I still don’t know why I have it but the dizziness and balance is a problem each time my tablets wear off . I’m going to see my consultant the week after next and will tell him about it. I will let you know how I get on .