This is me!

Hi Everyone,

Just introducing myself. I’m Tash and I work for Parkinson’s UK, I’m here to help out with forum moderation and support.

I’m a local adviser supporting people with Parkinson’s in Staffordshire and my mother in law is living with Parkinson’s.

Looking forward to supporting the forum and chatting with you.


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Hi Tash and welcome!

Welcome aboard Tash, we’re a friendly bunch on here and hope you will find us helpful in the execution of your duties.


Hi my names John I’m 60 and had of for 20 yrs I’ve had dbs which has been a life saver

Hi John

I was DX at 42 I am now 50.
I’ve Been offered DBS at the Walton centre
Happy to see you say it was a life saver …

What system did you go for? I am looking to go for the Boston scientific , also I am still working … How long after your op where you able to get back to some normality ?

Hope you don’t mind me asking .