Throat clearing

just trying to work out if this another sighn of pd.... hubby has had trouble this last week he keeps trying to clear his throat and it seems to take him ages to do it is worse in the morning when he wakes up. as he is recently dx i dont know what to put in notes to tell them at the clinic on our next visit...

Hello jzgirl and welcome.

Difficultly in clearing the the throat, especially in the morning is very common in PWP. I would suggest that you put in the notes that you take to the next consultation , (which by the way I think is an excellent idea), exactly what you have just posted - it is clear, concise and relevant.

A few tips that I have been given re this problem:

Pineapple juice (watered dowm)
Black grape Juice (watered down)

I have no idea why these specific drinks may helpful, but I cannot imagine that they would do any harm.

Best wishes

thank you annebernadette. its good to be able to link symptoms to the parkinson's and also get some advice that can help.... i am still very lost with it all. our gp is not very good so its no good asking him so will be relying on this website

I have this problem, a dry mouth at night makes it worse. I inhale steam from a tall narrow jug to loosen the gunk and sometinmes add Karvol/Ateaspoon of Vick to the boiling water
It cant do any arm to try it.