Throat problems

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with mild pd and have had a sore throat for a while now can anyone tell me if this has happened to them and what did you do. Thanks 

it may just be a co-incidence - we all have a tendency to blame everything on pd. then again perhaps it is. some pd med cause dry mouths, perhaps thats the problem?

During the long process of diagnosing my PD I developed a persistent cough/sore throat which went on for over a year.  I was eventually prescribed an asthma inhaler. This solved the problem very quickly, and I have been using it ever since (2 1/2 years) - albeit in reduced quantities. My prescribed inhaler is Seretide 250, two puffs twice per day.


hi turnip, the last month i have suffering a dry mouth,went to doctors & she gave me Bioxtra Gel Mouthspray .moisturises,comforts & protects.  it has worked really good,even my speech as got a bit better

could have done with that - my teeth have been ruined due to dry mouth (saliva protects the enamel)

that bioxtra i think you can buy it over the net £6  its meant to replenish your sailva ,hope this helps turnip,not to late for a nice pair of false ones ! wink