Tickly throat

I've recently kept getting a tickly throat which makes me gag and wet myself. The only thing which stops me throwing up is quickly grabbing a Strepsil or other cough lozenge. Is this a parky problem or just me? It's really annoying and more than a bit embarrasing to be leaking and gagging in public! Have my sonn's wedding in October and I would hate this to happen in the church!

Any suggestions or ideas to stop it would be good. Thanks

Hi Jennyb,
I also get an occasional tickly throat,usually coming on all of a sudden.Coughing and having a drink usually works but not before my eyes are streaming.Find it tends to happen more when ive been talking a lot.I assume it is pd related in a similar way to swallowing probs.
All the best
Leaking does seem to be a problem, which I am sorry to say I share, though not one spoken about much. I dont know what to do about it.
As for tickly throat, how about trying chewing gum to increase salivation?
do you happen to take blood pressure tablets some of these cause tickly heaving coughs . Cant think of which ones of the top of my head . once i changed them i was fine . Although i dont have have Parkinsons its my husband who has it but I thought it might be your cause
Hi Jennyb
I have recently (after 10 yrs since diagnosis) gained a tickly dry-throated cough and the consequent dribbles. My GP offered Vesicare 5mg tablet once a day as a trial. I've taken them for the past month and find I'm much better at 'holding in'. The only side effect is that I'm unable to pass water till the bladder is full, not when I chose, such as last thing at night or before going out.

All in all though I've found it to be well worth it for the social problems you have mentioned.