Tietze syndrome

Hello sirs

I had affected unilateral, my left body side by PD since 3 years ago (diagnosis date)

I walk without coordinated (or simetrical) movements, because I curved my body to the right side ( opposite side to my affected side) .

Do you think that PD could produce me this syndrome.  I m fear because sometimes it seems a heart attack.....,.

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Hi Artusman,

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Sorry to hear that you have been feeling this way, it must be very uncomfortable for you. If you feel unwell it would be best to get some medical advice from your doctor.
Our Helpline and support network are UK based but you may find some helpful information on our website : https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/parkinsons-symptoms

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Many thanks Edwina

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Hi Artusman

If you have also been diagnosed with Tietze syndrome, try Wikipaedia where sufferers are reported to feel that they are having a heart attack.  Take care with the spelling as there is another syndrome.

I was not going to post a reply as this is well outside what usually comes up on this Parkinsons patient forum but it might help with your fear.to know that other Tietze sufferers feel this too.


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Ok thank you

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