Tight diaphragm

Does anyone have a tightness & pressure in their diaphragm & stomach? It’s especially uncomfortable when sittting. I was diagnosed with PD in 2013 & am currently taking Sinemet. My Parkisnon’s nurse says it’s a PD side effect & I can alleviate it by lying down…I wonder if there is any physio that might help

This is an interesting one. My Mum has had PD since aged 62 (now 90) and recently complained about an extended stomach and this pressure there. She feels it might be wind. Constipation is a big problem too for PD patients but we seem to have overcome that by ensuring that she eats plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit daily. Overeating can’t be the contributor to the bloating as she doesn’t eat that much at a sitting. The specialist took Mum off Sinemet in January this year (she had been using this drug since she was diagnosed) and unfortunately sitting does means bad posture, and she can’t lie down in her bed because of the breathing. We relieve this by putting pressure behind her back with pillows (lightly) when she sits to give the support without being fixed, not too much sitting but moving too, toilet daily and don’t hold any wind. If there is physio it might be interesting to know about …

My Mother is having PD from past 4 years, She has constipation and tightness in the DIaphram. Due to this she is stooping so much. Also she has breathing issues which get relieved with dopamine. But ON time has reduced. So I tried with Mucuna Puriens powder. It has helped her a lot. Dopamine intake has reduced.

Thank you for this marychalissery. Much appreciated.

Hi All i’ve had PD since 2013. an yes i have problems with my stomach which seem to trigger most of my symptoms off. The joys ay…Along with all the other unwanted symptoms that PD thinks it can mess me about…

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. My first symptom was a tremor but I also had palpitations and tightness in my chest which my consultant thought was not down to PD. I am relieved to find others have this, as I have always believed it to be a symptom of PD, for me the worst one.