Tight glutes/hip pain?

Hi, anyone else have this problem?!

I was diagnosed in Feb 2018 and just take 1 mg of Ragisiline daily. Symptoms haven’t really progressed until I started having glute/hip pain before Christmas. Neurologist just referred me to physio (starts next week). I think the tight muscles have altered my gait and that has caused hip pain. At the moment if I’ve been sitting, I almost stagger when I get up. I was doing a lot of exercise which I think was helping keep symptoms at bay, but now I feel limited and worried that lack of exercise will have detrimental effect. A friend with Parkinsons said I should go private, which I could afford - once!! Not on an ongoing basis. I was thinking it would be sorted for summer but now summer is here (sort of) I am still staggering around, popping painkillers, and miles away from doing the things I want to do like play tennis, ride bikes, etc. If anyone has any positive suggestions I would be grateful!

Thanks foe sharing,m having same issue

can anyone help me out