Tight muscles

How many of you are “bothered” with tight muscles? My upper back muscles spasmed so badly 2 years ago that they fractured my spine! Also my chest muscles tighten until I get short of breath! What helps you?

I also suffer with this - mine are legs, lower back up to rib cage. I mentioned it to PD Nurse and am now going to see a specialist physio, would also like any info about how people have/are treating this. Very painful and uncomfortable - what does anyone take to alleviate pain? Hopefully physio will help - will let you know - I go end of May.

Yes please let us know. A mild muscle relaxer is what I take, I say “mild” because I am so sensitive to meds that it “knocks me out”: I would hate to experience something stronger! So I can only take it when I have nothing to do but go to bed! That is some life and not reality!

The worst one is when your stomach tightens up (well it is for me). It scares me a bit too, especially when it goes to my rib cage - worry in case it tightens my heart - on a good day, I tell myself not to be so daft, but on a bad day ………… let me know if you find anything that helps.

Just one other thing, do you have a stoop? I do and when the muscles spasm, it makes my stoop worse.

Look after yourself. Diane

When my back is at its worse, it is also on the ribs; that is when I want to panic. I go to bed and lie on a heating pad with another one held on my rib cage. It give relief. I do this at the FIRST sign that it is happening, if possible. Especially in the spring of the year, is when I usually get them. I carry those “heat pad with a wrap, to hold it against my back” in my purse to be prepared for one when I am shopping. Yes I stoop more when the muscles are “attacking”. I have also gotten the kind of back spasm where I bend backward! That leaves me VERY sore for several days after, if I can’t lie down or lean against something to lessen the “bend in my back”. I think I have them less if I have a lot of potassium in me. I do not have high blood pressure, never have, so I’m not on a pill for it and have to remind myself to get enough. Which I obviously fail to do!

Hi Jaffy i was diagnosed in 2014 and for the last 12 months i have suffered extreme muscle spasms in both my back and especially calves and backs of legs I had a freeze episode about 3 months ago and fell on my hip and ever since Ive had severe hip and sciaitia pain on left leg.
I had an Xray which showed no breaks but slight wear at the bottom of my back the pain gradually got worse and i was in chronic pain and i put it down to my Parkinson effecting my muscles and battled on but eventually being told I would have to wait up to 25 weeks to see an orthopedic consultant on the strained NHS!! I went private and after an MRI was told i had slipped a disk and although my tight muscles re the Parkinsons didn’t help it was actually a physical slipped disk I think what I’m saying is make sure this, not a physical spinal problem once that’s cleared you know its the Parkinsons and this is what i did to improve my muscle spasms and help my slipped disk I used a Homedic shiatsu massage machine from Argos cost about £99 but well worth it you rest your calves and backs of your legs and it really takes the stiffness out so your calves and leg muscles relaxed frees your strain on your lower back

Hello everyone

Well I have the most pain in my back and the top of both thighs, I too had a freezing episode as few weeks ago, this I feel was very scary and pain full, i use a hot water bottle and a heat pad to help with the pain of the muscles. But to be honest this doesn’t always work the doctors he give me more pain killer, but also
Told me to start exercising some more and that this will help with the pain. This is ok on the days where it’s nice a weather is hot and dry, as I have noticed my pain is some what less in the hot weather. Well I hope this has helped .

Take care all Raz

Dave, I was checked a year ago and had no slipped disks. That machine sounds good, will check it out.

Raz, the freezing episodes were more frequent in the early years of PD than now. But I didn’t have these back and rib spasms then. Pain pills ease them, thankfully, and muscle relaxers.

Hi jaffy

Ah yes as long as something works for you,I am sorry to hear that you are have pain in your rib. I think we are all different and that things all work of different ways. Regards the muscle relaxing I too am glad that we are able to have these. You take care too raz.

Hi Jaffy

Been reading your responses to your enquiry. They have been very interesting. I go to a PD Gym class twice a week and the guy who takes the class suggested laying on my front on the bed or floor and stretch arms and legs out for around 5 -10 minuets. Doesn’t stop it from coming back, but have found it does help for a while. I find when I have been sitting the calf muscles and backs of my legs tighten up and (promise not to laugh) my backside also the worst pain is usually there too !!!

I do think this forum is great, its really good how ‘fellow twitchers’ can help each other. Its always good to know that most times there is someone out there who has or had same or similar problems. I find it calming and takes some of the ‘fear’ out of various symptoms. I find the pain/muscle spasm around my ribs quite scary but, knowing others have it helps. I know it sounds daft, but it does. Take care.

Eve1 I also find “comfort” in knowing others experience what I do! And yet, I “suffer” for them, because I know all too well what they are going through! I will try the bed-stretch sounds “doable” hope it helps.

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Hi Jaffy, how goes it?

I had 3 days without tight muscles - I had forgotten how good it felt !!

Then bang, I felt good so pushed myself to do more than I should - did a bit of weeding on the garden and then more house work than I should. Oh yes, nearly forgot the most important thing. I have a 5 yr old granddaughter and for the very first time my husband and I took her to the park - I have 9 other grand children but they are a lot older. We had a pic-nic. What joy. I was on such a high. I had forgotten what it was like. Admittedly, I had to use my rollator to walk. Even telling you about it the joy comes back.

My husband told me to calm down and stop doing so much - oh how I should have listened!!

AND NOW ITS BACK…… so back to square one. I think it would have come back even if I hadn’t done anything. But it was lovely feeling ‘normal’

Take care, look after yourself

Eve, doing great, like you I am extra busy - moving this month! Muscles doing great, too. Sorry yours has returned. It is horrible, to experience. Got a new muscle relaxer from dr but haven’t needed it, thankfully! Baby sitting is extra hard but our youngest is 12 and never started with the 3 great-grands and don’t intend to = too old for that!

All my muscles are stiff and sore, as my version of Parky is Dystonia, but does any one feel like their face muscles are made of Blancmange, especialy mornings

I have a pretty good PD mask but my facial muscles don’t feel like that. Maybe someone else identifies with that.

Hi Jaffy, I am suffering badly with stiffness in my legs. Could I please ask what the muscle relaxer is that you take? Thanks.

Hi Dave, I am in US so not sure if the name is the same in UK (if that is where you are). It is BACLOFEN. For leg/body stiffness, I find the magnesium (also loosens bowels) and potassium help more constant. I take supplements and eat more whole grains, nuts and seeds and drink V-8 juice, and more vegetables. Stiff muscles were the first sign of PD that I had for several years before I found out it was PD. Hope this helps.