Tightness around waist

My mother has had pd for many years.  One of her symptoms she frequently complains about is the tightness around her waistline.  She is desperate to "cut the elastic" on her knickers, even though they are not exceptionally tight.  She normally gets these symptoms when her medication is at its lowest.

Does anyone else experience this sensation?


Hi, I was diagnosed with PD on Christmas eve and just recently i have had an uncomfortable tightness around the stomach. Its incredibly uncomfortable. Im always desperate to get home from work and put on some loose joggers!! I thought it would be the medication, Sinimet Plus that im on but PD nurse says no. Doctor cant find anything wrong. Im at a loss!!Stomach constantly feels bloated!



Hi all,

Had PD since 2006 and for the past year or so I have been experiencing really sore calves and wobbly legs when I walk up an incline - even a slight incline !  Wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. Just wondering if it is a PD symptom?  Had an appointment with my Consultant yesterday, he was running over an hour and a half late.  When I finally got into see him I felt  rushed and forgot to ask him about this.




Yes, it's definitely harder to walk up an incline than it was. But sometimes you think it's just the passing of years. Maybe - but the symptoms are certainly reduced since I started PD meds, which is about the best indication we have (the basic diagnosis we have being that PD is a condition that is eased by taking meds designed for easing PD symptoms .. . )


I am experiencing a really bloated feeling as if I am trapping gas and frequently loosen my belt or put extensions on my bras but even when loosened I still feel it is tight.  I am not constipated although I regularly have to work on that.  I am trying to identify by checking what foods and lliquids I am taking.  I have now been on Azilect 10 months so don't know if that is the culprit?  Anyone have a similar problems.  

Dear all ,I also get the feeling of tightness around my waist, I'm sure it's to do with medication Angel 4ux

Hi all

i do not get painful legs but i do have painful ankles  , had my first appointment with a physiotherapist  yesterday , fully expecting treatment for my left shoulder, i was shocked and upset by what she told me , i have   a lot of weakness and rigidity in my left leg and foot and some in my right foot  and leg although not has bad as the left , i found it very difficult to move my toes on both feet , the physio confirmed this would be why i stumble and fall sometimes , i am now waiting for a referral to orthotics  to be fitted with special shoes and splints , not what i was expecting at all  and it came has a shock ,my mother also has parkinson's she lost the use of her leg and i am worried that's going to happen to me , i have a lot of physio ahead of me  which hopefully will help and i keep the use of my leg frown

Frown face indeed, shelly65, that's not good news. Have you talked to the pt about whether exercise might help? It does seems to be key to keeping and - perhaps, for once - promoting mobility?


Hi Semele

Physios words were ' it will be work in progress , get the splints and shoes sorted and then with weekly physio sessions and exercises hopefully things will improve

 she suggested some hydrotherapy in the future , she was concerned about the lack of reaction from my foot when she was touching  them   it shocked me i only had my dx in August i know everyone is different but i was hoping for a few more years before my mobility was effected to any degree , and it also mirrors my mothers PD she lost the use of her right leg  it's a concern .


Hi Shelly, I saw a podiatrist early on in the first two years of the disease, but he could not solve the problem. In the end PD medication was very effective. Any walking problem we have  is probably PD related , so drugs might be the only(best) solution.

Walking up inclines is an effort, but walking up the stairs is no problem, Even when "off" stairs are easier to manage than level surfaces.