Time to find support

My husband is 61 and was diagnosed with PD 5 years ago. Our approach to this has always been positive and between us we have managed this. Recently this has become much harder, the symptons have become worse  and we now find ourselves recognising that we both very much need to find support and talk to others that share our experiences. Every day I find myself reading stories of people just like us and we learn and understand more. This is my first post and I feel good to be part of a community that we belong in.


Hello Jude

Welcome to the forum.

I myself am the same age as your husband, diagnosed three years ago. I know it does'nt get easier, but my meds help me lots, I have felt loads better while on them. Have a word with your hubbies PD nurse or GP to see if there is a PD meeting session in you area which you can both attend with like minded people with parkinsons.

This forum will help with anything you need to talk about so keep posting. you can get some good advice as well as someone to talk to.


Regards Sheila

Hello Jude, welcome to the forum. My husband is 68 and has been diagnosed  for about 4 years. It opens a lifeline on the PD site, so much support and advice. The forum has been a great support to me, it has been difficult at times and I have felt alone, but I came on here and someone has always responded.

By joining a local PD group you will find out what you have in your area. My husband has great medical support and a very good neurologist. The physios help a lot and we now have a PD nurse. The medication can be quite a problem but can also, when right, help so much.

I hope you find what you need on here. flo