Time to say hello


So, hello. I joined a couple of weeks ago, mostly to respond to a post that a user had put up about coping as I'd found myself very recently in the same situation. It's my young wife that was recently diagnosed.

My heart goes out to you all.

Aye hello there Montana 

welcome to the forum am sure you will get to post with others in the same boat as yourself , well good luck to you both tooralooo



Hi Montana - welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear about your wife being diagnosed with the dreaded PD. We are all different in the way we are with this Parkinsons, I've had it for six years now, and have coped, with the help of medication it's surprising how it helps once you have the right one, which sometimes is trial and error. If you have any questions someone on here will help to give some help, otherwise the helpline is very good, numer is at the top of the page.

Good luck and hope you cope as best you can, don't give up - Sheila