Time to start the medication


In a couple of days' time I am due to start taking Requip XL, 2 mg. I must confess that I am terrified of possible side effects, especially after my previous negative experience with Azilect. Has anybody reacted badly to Requip XL?

I didn't need any medication before I went in for knee surgery on July 23rd last, but the op, though done only with a spinal block, and the long recovery time, seem to have exacerbated my Parkinson's symptoms.

I was managing very well without medication before the operation, but over the last 2 and a half months my tremor has worsened and spread to my other leg too, my energy levels are extremely low and I also seem to have developed a frequency problem.

Unfortunately I also had the misfortune of injuring my other knee, so I am a long way off a full recovery. Furthermore I don't think I'll be able to have the other knee done, as originally planned. I could not face it.

It has also taken 5 weeks, from the time I contacted the Parkinson's nurse, to get my prescription.

I'll try to stay positive, hoping to finally recover from the op and to be able to tolerate the Requip.

Regards to all.



i started on 2mg , now up to 6 mg . didnt have any pronlems apart from headache each time upped dose for few days.

havent had any effect on symptoms yet


Thank you for your comment, Kittens3.

I am glad you are not having any problems with your medication, except for the headache. I suppose you need to take an adequate amount of it before it starts working.

Do take care. X



Hi redpoppy.

I was diagnosed in 2011 and put off taking meds till 2012 because i like you was bothered about the side effects but I  wished I had started on the meds earlier, felt no end better. I was given Ropinirole XL  slow release and never looked back. Started on 2mg and am now on 10mg feeling really well on them, but increasing them slowly as and when I feel the need to increase the dose with help from my GP. 

Hope you get on well with your dosage, but we are all different and react differently to any meds.


Regards Sheffy

Hi, Sheffy,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I feel better thinking that others are getting on well with Ropinirole, although I am very much aware that we react differently to medication, so there is no guarantee that I too will tolerate it well.  Although so far so good, as my 2mg dose is not causing any problems, touch wood.

I am not too worried about the Compulsive Disorders associated with taking Dopa Agonists, as I do not have an addictive personality and not everyone gets the problem anyway, especially not at lower doses. Also, the important thing is to be aware that there could be such a problem and discuss it with the appropriate people if need be.

Take care X