Time travel and parkinsons



  Please dont think I have finaly lost my marbles but I have to ask, is there anyone in this Forum that suspects time is speeding up , I was diagnosed with PD in 1999,and as I sit here typing this in the last days of 2013 it seems only this morning that i was given that life sentence I have astonishing recall going way back to when,  I was 6yrs old and the time has passed in a few hours, do people with parky  have the power of time travel or is it my last three Brain cells playing tricks, I know if you can travel at light speed you can travel forward through time ( unlikely ) but looking back through the eons of Intergalactic time is possible , if you are lucky enough to have somewhere nearby that has no light pollution  go there and allow a few minutes to pass after you switch off your car headlights, then look up  " on a clear night" and you are looking back through time some of the stars you can see will have died billions of years ago yet the light from those deceased stars is still travelling towards your eyeball,  if you do this it  will take your breath away, but  I still seem as if  time is going faster and faster , I have lived in this house for 33yrs  and in the next 33yrs I wont be here someone else will live in my  home, and the last 33yrs has passed in a flash, oh I WISH i had a tardis.

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i strongly suspect that pd affects our internal calendar and clock. some drugs that affect dopamine cause time distortion.

i find it almost impossible of remember appointments , not that i was ever very good at that.

time will seem to have been going faster if our memory 'calendars' are not filled out with events.

just a thought.

can't agree more about the stars. bought a telescope - now hours disappear entirely getting the @@@@@@@@ thing to work!!!


Good morning turnip, I bought a telescope a few months back and it was almost impossible to get the thing to work , in fact there were a couple of  times when it was almost sent  out of  our solar system , I have  just about cracked it now and can see all the planets, mars is distinctive as is SATURN, I still have bother with some aspects of operating the thing some of the explanations might as well have been written in chineseeye roll

                                       Happy Astronomising and Starbservation   Fed


you've given me hope - i was just about to sell the @@@@@@ thing. i will persevere.


Good Im pleased you are going to persevere much enjoyment is to be had sitting down the garden freezing your Knutzford, while shivering  violently and trying to focus on the chosen target, the moon is fantastic , do you know they had a silly plan to build a pub there, it was cancelled as the builders reckoned it would have no atmosphere.?  ILL GET ME COAT.eye roll

           I met Patrick Moore in york, the Taxi driver not the Astronomer

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saw the moon last night - awesome.


I agree, our nearest neighbour in the void is moving away from us at about a millimeter or so a year and  eventually it will have no stabilising effect on our planet, the Earth will change its trajectory around the sun and we will have permanent  ice       age or fry,one of these events will no doubt occur just as a cure for parky is  announced.  Meantime it is good to look at.

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                      When I was 9 just over 20 yrs ago ????????????? I  wish , I am 63, I won a competition , I never win competitions, the prize was a seat on the first commercial Space Cruise , needless to say I was delighted , do you think if I present this certificate to  Sir  Richard he would honour it he seems like a nice chap and its only about £120,000 a seat to leave the surly bonds and soar into weightlessness, thats small change to Richie.big grin



I`ve just finished reading Stephen Hawking`s A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME.

He says that time travel is impossible because time is constant and can`t be altered or slowed down.

Straight away I thought, here`s a man who`s never read through one of turnips posts.

Only kidding turnip - read any good boks recently ? big grin


Hello Jacko

                Its taken a while, but your Avatar has a marked resemblance to a certain rather famous bloke that went back to the future, the same person who is in the forefront of the war with PD, could it be the J in your name is Jackson  and shortened to Jacko,If this is the case,its a honour Sir, if its not tbe great man MJF then welcome anyway, I admire and respect you for all the work carried out by you and your team .

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