Timing of medication

Just wondering if you have to take your Madopar medication at the same time every day in order for it to be effective. I have been on if for about six months but haven’t really adhered to set times to take it. Could this be why I feel it is not doing me much good? Thanks in anticipation for any advice.

To me, it’s most important to stick to taking it at least an hour after food.

That way I have a little flexibility.

Personally I take my Madopar whenever I feel the need, as the Parkinson’s ebbs and flows. My neurologist would prefer I take it at timed intervals, but I find that ad hoc works well for me.

How do you know when you have ‘off’ time with Parkinson’s. I never feel any different.

When I can’t walk properly or use my hands properly then I know it’s time to take a tablet :grin:

But I appreciate it’s different for others, and you may not experience on and off periods?

When you say you can’t walk properly what does that mean? I seem to have poor circulation in my left leg and foot which hampers my walking because of numbness but I don’t think it’s due to Parkinson’s. Of course I may be wrong.

I can sometimes go for a good chunk of the day walking normally and using my hands relatively normally without any Madopar- this is ‘on’. At other times I shuffle slowly around the house and have difficulty using a knife and fork or the keyboard etc. - this is ’off’ when a Madopar tablet makes a big difference. I find I need to take a 62.5mg tablet every hour or so during an off period. Hope that clarifies - thanks.

Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

Hi, I take 5 x 250mg a day and try to take them at set times which in my case is every three and a half hours having taken the first when I get up, usually 8am. What you need to do is to divide the number of hours you’re up and about by the number of tablets you take.