Timing of Ropinerole XL 8 mgs

Hello, does anyone take the above drug? My husband is on 8mgs once per day and I give it him with his morning dose of Sinemet at 7am. I’m wondering, as he always seems so tired after taking it, if it would be better in the evening as may help him sleep better. I will contact the PD nurse on Monday re this, but just wanted to see if it helps anyone to stay more alert in the day and sleep better at night! Thanks Jean

It does! My hospital doctor advised taking it (with sinemet) at bedtime. My sleep was much better and I’m not unusually tired in the day (slightly shaky for the first hour of getting up, but it soon settles)
Good luck!

Hi GillC, thanks for the info. Only trouble is he’s on a three dose a day regime of Sinemet, 7 am (with Ropinerole) 12pm just Sinemet and 5pm just Sinemet. So taking it at 5pm may make him tired quickly and go to bed even earlier than he does now! Not sure if I could give him his Ropinerole on its own at bedtime instead, as it’s in the middle of the night that he wakes up and often can’t get back to sleep So maybe best to check with PD nurse first. Thanks again. Jean

Hi, I take ropinerole 4mg at 06.30 & 4mg again at 1830. I also take other PD meds every three hours till 2200 so spacing out the dosage might help? It’s all about getting the combination and balance right with PD meds I’ve found. I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had dbs as well in 2017.

Yes I take two 8mgs each evening at bedtime, I find I get a better sleep and my tremor is a lot less bothersome.