Tin opener

Hello all and a very merry Christmas to you

With Parkinsons I have struggled for a while to open tins effectively and safely and we all know that feeling its a bitterly cold day and that lovely thick tomato soup is stuck in the tin and you cant get it out.

I have bought many tin openers and they always let you down eventually some last longer than others but in general its that old saying "you get what you pay for"

Enter the Super Kim can opener available on line just took delivery today and I paid £11.68 for mine so the quality is good with a tempered steel blade so quality and durability is there as well.

I used it and it is so easy attaches to the side of the can and there is a cushioned butterfly shaped handle and the first turn cuts the can and then using one hand it easily turns right round the can with very little effort hold the can steady with your other hand and this opener just glides around and leaves no sharp edged as soon as can is open just turn butterfly handle the other way and it comes straight off

A brilliant piece of kit for Parkinson's because of ease of use not the cheapest but you get what you pays for and will also open any shape can......................Paul



You got a bargain lol i looked that up some want 20 quid.

Yr's ago i got my mother a lecci tin opener about £20 quid way back then, at my gf's she had the sort you'd get from a £ shop, but i struggled with that and found one from asda for a couple of quid more, that takes the entire top of the tin off without too much bother too me the wheel being on top and you dont have too grip it in place.

I really struggle with things you have too squeeze like sauce bottles and shower gel.


Some good advice there guys , hope everyone had a good christmas ?

After years of my husband telling me not to bother with an electric tin opener, I just was so fed up trying to open cans of tuna in oil which was manual and difficult for me to use, I bought myself a Kenwood basic electric tin opener and voila, it's cutting open my tin just by itself!

Have a nice day and Happy New Year to you,



Hi shelly

Yes had a good christmas, weathers been not too bad , out of the wind at least in the sun lol. how about you?.

Hi Shelly


Had a great christmas thank you nice and relaxed how did yours go?

My friend has dementia and her husband on my advice put in for PIP and she got the full enhanced for both daily living and mobility within 5 months with just one home visit from Capita so it appears things on the PIP front are getting better and more efficent.

I went on Google and this post about the super kim opener is 4th down from the top of results so without realising it I have promoted there product via the Parkinson's website/forum I hope I dont get told off.................Paul

I just bought one from Adoric, it works well