Tingling brain?

Anyone get brain tingle ( a strange rush )  ??? 

Hi ldj,

It might be worth calling the Helpline and speaking to one of our nurses about this? We're on 0808 800 0303 and open until 7pm this evening.

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Thanks Joanne 

p nurse told me it was normal to feel tingle in brain and some people can feel as though they are wearing a hat due to med take care Joanne 

ian xx

My wife has tingling gums !

It's a weird thing ,  did they tell her this was normal  ?   Hope she's doing a bit better ,never mind summers ahead warmer weather helps most things all the best to you both 


Ian, My wife told the consultant about her tingling gums/pins and needles but he never commented on it. She told her Parkinsons nurse and she said she had never heard of that one !!  She said its like when you've been the dentist and after your antithetic starts to wear off.

                                Roll on summer...Billy

Hi Guys I have this all up my left side of body they told me it was nerve ending pain it felt really creepy to me like spiders crawling on me. I take pregablin for it 2 x 25mg really makes a difference.


BB xx

It's a strange thing Billy but there you go Bb says she has similar tingles it must be a parky thing hope she's doing a bit better with other problems , take care you both stay happy mind !! 


Hi bb 

i don't mind the tingle am no wanting more med turn me into a tube of smarties  

take care  Ian xx

Thanks Ian and Betty      This is what this forum is all about !!!!! pregablin i will google it, then speak to the GP   in the morning.

                     Ta..... Billy

Good luck hope it goes well


BB     The GP has prescribed pregablin the same dosage as you...... lets hope it works big grin

                                   Billy                                  ​

Hope so mate you might need to give it a month to establish the drug in your system let me know how you go. It defintly works for me take care 's BB.

Aye it worked for you bb cause your a robot ha ha ha 

Ian xx

I wish xx

Hi Bb 

your not sounding your usual self you having a bad day ,God knows am having plenty bad ones just now bloody legs have a mind of there own sorry am moaning but someone had to hear it  I feel better now thanks ,... Your turn !!! 

ian xx

Yes not been a particularly good day Ian my Distonia playing me up and when she bites she does it hard. This for me is my most hated symptom she makes me feel vurnable. Even a terminator has her weak points. I just want it to stop Now and preferable she can crawl into a corner and die the Distonia that is not me. Going to crash now sleep well BB Xx. .

Yes know what. You mean iam off to bed now but I'll be back !!!!

pregabalin is that not for depression? I am sure hubby was on that some years ago.

He has got ants under the skin and his specialist has heard of it and has a proper latin name for it which we promptly forgot! He is now on amitryptaline for his depression and ants and some other side effects amongst his other meds and the ants are now a bit better under control.

Pregablin is a drug to stop fits, on me it seems to smoothut the sensations that were on my left side they tryed me on Gaberpenting first within 5 minutes I was in bed convincing myself I was not gonna have a heart attack. BB. X