Tingling in hands?

Is tingling in hands a symptom of PD?

Has anyone had this?

I have this all up the left hand side of my body and my Parkinson's is left sided. Go to post tingling brain for more info there is medication that can help. Mine used to really creep me out. BB

I get it inside my head ok pk nurse said its normal 

good luck Ian 

Yes it appears to be so but it really depends on how much it is bothering you. Mine sometimes felt like spiders crawling on the left side of my body. Horrible I would stand on my hall and stamp my left foot on the floor as hard as possible and scream at it to stop it. I now take pregablin 25mg twice daily and thankfully it is now under control. BB.

Hi trev

how are you getting on?hope your med still doing its job , I don't seem to have quite the same symptoms as you apart from the trailing leg , I freeze a lot are you bothered with that at all its not very nice when in a busy place , still we get about and were all on different med Tuesday is my big day ( see neuro ) good luck to you trev let me know how well your med goes later hope your lucky and got the best one to suit you all the best 


Hi Ian sorry I missed this message, the meds feel like there working better since tge NS increased the dosage my walking has improved although not perfect and still have a limp, my leg used to freeze quite frequently but hasn't happened since the increase in meds I found I'd mostly freeze when in crowds or when walking past someone as I found I got more anxious of it happening,also have more movement/speed in my right foot/toes... My hand/arm is also showing slight signs of improvement able to open my hand a little bit better but the dystonia sometimes decides not to let me, NS has refereed me for physio that specialises in neurological problems for me walking and help movement in my arm/hand... She also mentioned the possibility of botox in my hand to release the muscles if the ldopa doesn't do the job.

Guessing the L dopa can take awhile for my brain to get used to having it after being deprived of it for so long?

But all in all I feel I am on the right track at the moment feeling a little more optimistic than I did after being diagnosed.

Hope today with the neurologist appointment goes well today for you and get your meds sorted, keep me posted.


Hi trev. There is a med that can greatly correct the dystonia it is called Apo-Go it is available in I jection or pump format and corrects a attack within minutes. I use the injection on a bad day I have had 9 attacks on a good day none. And mine can and will spread all over my body. Let me know how you get on. BB