Tingly Feeling

Hi all

I have started to get a tingling sensation on my left shoulder at the back.....a bit like pins and needles but not as painful. Does anyone else get his at all?

If I move it seems to stop?
I had that in my left shoulder a year before I was diagnosed. I attributed it to my lipoma growing there.

I have been getting it more recently now. I thought it might have been due to having terrible posture, as it goes away when I straighten my shoulders.
Yes, sortof, between shoulder blades and somewhere between tingling and burning. I agree with Sheryll, straightening up helped, a bit. But this was before I was dx and medicated, a year ago. The symptom went away quite quickly, and though I’m spending even more time slumped over my computer it hasn’t returned (yet, touch fingers, cross wood, etc). So maybe you both could use a change of meds?

Currently only on Azilect, lucky I am relatively young in pd terms (44) so slow in progression. Interestingly had an appt with the pd nurse arrive today so will speak to her in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for replies x