Can anyone relate to the following 'attack' symptoms which have increased to at least one a day since March this year (10th PD year). They are as follows:

Ringing noise in ears/head, swiftly followed by hot pins & needles from base of spine to neck. This then turns into immense pressure on back of neck and a dizzyness that makes me hang on to the nearest piece of furniture. I have only once passed out but it is a worrying obstacle to going out of the house as I have next to no warning. My dr and neuro seem not to have come across it before in Parkinsons, so I would be very grateful for any advice from members of the forum.

I can relate to aspects you describe but to not such a profound degree.

I'm not a doctor, but:- Following a very recent MRI scan (most unpleasant noise wise as it nearly drove me crazy, giving me nausea and a very dry in the mouth feeling) the scan shows that I have disc dehydration and hernias in some areas of the spine in the particular areas where I get occasional hot pins and needle feelings followed by echoing resonance in an ear.

Underlining my instinctive belief that damaged nerve tissue and unwanted pressures restricting the flow of nerve bio-electricity, cause resistor and surge patterns to occur, that result in the damaged, burn out, to brain cell areas associated directly with Dopamine production and Motor function in Secondary Parkinsons. The process being progressive as our bodies reduce in its ability to replace, repair cells as we age.

My guess is that pressure on various nerves caused by dehydrated discs in the spine are part of the root to the problem. Once the damaged areas are located, correct physiotherapy treatment and exercises will probably relieve and cure the pain and discomfort.

Hope this helps - Best wishes