Along with the left side Rigidity, my other main sympton is Tinnutus , Constant high pich tone in my head.It never stops
Anyone else suffer with this as part of their Parkinsons?



Hello Crusader

I do have occasional tinnitus, but not as bad as yours sounds. I have never thought of it as having anything to do with Parkies. Can I ask what made you think the two were linked?

Hi Mosie
Its hard to explain but it just feels like its linked because the worse I feel with the rigidity the loader it seems to ring in my head.
Not sure whether its because Im stresed with the other symptoms or whether its part of the illness
I know that tinnutus can be linked to stress.

I will mention it to the neurologist when I see him but thought I would ask the question on here
It may not be linked at all



Hello Crusader,

I am not a qualified medical clinician, but I do know that tinnitus can be part & parcel of vertigo (a balance condition). This can can have several causes, including pd.

I think that your decision to ask your neuro consultant is a very sensible one

With my best wishes

Hello Crusader,

Yes I suffer with tinnitus exactly the way that you describe it. I find it extremely annoying but it just never disappears:frowning:

I have mentioned it to my Neuro but since I was only just dx had other things on my mind at the time. Please let me know if you learn anything about it and I will do likewise.

Best wishes


I get it too, but in an ear I am partly deaf in so may not be pd at all.
I found a great little machine that plays different music/sounds specially devised to block out tinnitus; helps me sleep. i think called sound oasis from the RNID catalogue

Yes I get it too - but I notice it more when in quieter environments. Sometimes it is very annoying -sometimes its more like wind blowing very strongly.

I will be interested to hear what consultants have to say re this :)

Hello Sallymac,

Thanks for that information I will try to get one as I have tinnitus but I do not have pd m/h has it but I am in my sixties and it is more common with age.
best wishes

I have it quite badly in the left ear and years ago it used to worry me and get me down.By the way it came on just after I ran the London Marathonn which took alot out of me.This was 1989 and I was nearly 50 then.Now I am 72 but have learnt to ignore it.I can actually sit in a quiet room and hear the silence because I no longer focus on the tinnitus. Many years ago,must be late 90's I attended senimars run by a lovely old lady who name I have forgotten and she cconvinced us we need not let tinnitus overwhelm us and eventually a bit like getting used to the noise of heavy traffic,I accepted that and I forgot it was there. At the moment because I am tired it is screeming its head off but I couldn't care less.When I get off this blinking computer and go downstairs with the wife watch a bit of telly,have a cuppa it will fade away.
See if there are any self-help groups in your area,it certainly helped me.
All the Best.

I had tinnitus, (a whistling noise and a hissing noise, before I was diagnosed in January 1999 and found that it could be kept at a lower level by concentrating on an alternative sound source.

I also had a number of visits to an accupuncurist who succeded in bringing down the sound level to almost nil. They can't cure the problem but can make life pleasanter.


Cheers all
So I think the best advise is to ignore it
Topsy, I will mention it to Neuro and let you know what they say