Tip for the ladies

Hi I was getting fed up with struggling to get my dirty washing from the bathroom to the washing machine. I could not lift the bin. So I was going up and down stairs with handful of washing which is dangerous and you can trip or fall . I will not let anything beat me so I came up with this tip,and I find it brilliant.i use a shopping trolly , you can't over fill it ,takes little room in the bathroom , is light in its self and of course has a handle,and wheels. Happy wash days.
Hi as you say up and down stairs with anything can be dangerous,my friend came up with a cheap idea she made me a cotton shoulder/duffel bag I can fill and take things up or down stairs keeping hands free.
Where there is a problem, you can always rely on the gentle sex to find a solution. Keep up the good work ladies your expertise would be sorely missed
My uncle has the best solution. Beside the bathroom is a linen cupboard, below the linen cupboard is the room containing the washing machine. So he cut a hole in the floor. Not quite a laundry chute as a laundry free fall.
Less expensive than a trolley (£1/€1).
go eck's uncle! a solution not involving a power tool is no solution. just a compromise with reality! no compromses - if reality doesnt fit - cut a hole in it.
By Eck that's a brilliant idea ,has he thought of erecting a pole down the hole,then he wouldn't have to use the stairs.
Hi Soop what a brilliant tip,I made a mistake with the first bag I made I.i used a stretch material,by the time I reached the bottom step it was dragging on the floor.My husband was in rolling with laughter . I could not get it off my back.ive now made one of cotton and I find it a very good tip .Thank you.