Tips and exercise

Exercise is so good for you whether it’s for, 5 mins ,10 mins, or 15 mins once or twice a day, or whatever you can achieve on that particular day.
Parkinson’s is so different for every one and each person has their own symptoms and ways of dealing with it.
Ok so I have a mini gym in my spare bedroom, made up from items purchased at car boots and charity shops, which are checked before they are offered for sale, l have a treadmill £30, a bike £30 and a stepper£5 arm toner£1 , and foot bike£2 Al in excellent condition, DVD’s also are bargains at 50p.
This is my gym

Hopefully I have done this right
I also enjoy going out for a walk when I am on a good day but equally swimming is brilliant anything that gets you up and moving,5min 10min. 15min go with the flow get some music on and go for it .

Hi Laney_star,
Thats inspiring! Well done for showing your gym. Must get me some of those weights!

Thanks divine
To be honest,I don’t really use the large ones just the smaller ones,
Think I’d do myself an injury lol, try to do varied each day , 15 mins on 2 items, and a small walk with the dog then shattered , trouble with pd you don’t always feel up to doing it, but gotta keep going.laney

Oh i know Laney_star!
With all the will in the world, sometimes i cannot do anything but get through the day. We’re trying tho, riht?

Hi divine
We sure are,just wish everything wasn’t so much effort and the off periods are soul destroying, especially if you are out and about , shuffling about with dreadful weakness in my arms, feel like I’m ninety sometimes, and then wow everything comes back and what pd have I really got it, but sadly it doesn’t last for long :disappointed_relieved: Laney

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Sorry had a bad one today,IL cheer up now :slight_smile: Laney

Me too. Sunday is always a slow day for me as I’m recovering (kinda) from my 4xdays working. Pd warrior class tomorrow so hopefully i can buck up. Earlyish night tonight.
Have as good a night sleep as possible!

Hi Laney_star,
Just looking at your gym again. Im going to get some light weights. What weight do you recommend?
Ive started a page about exercise routine on this wellbeing page. Could you post some of your routine on it?

Hi divine
Yes of course I will, that piece was really meant for the new wiki page on the wellbeing,but I am not very good on computers think I did something wrong lol never mind I will have another go , dumbbells, only use light to do a,dvd with I get exercise dvds from charity shops and I do different parts because I can’t get down on the floor, 1kg hand held dumbbells are fine to do a class with, and 2kg for toning arms , IL put a post on your page , well done Laney.

Thx Laney,
Im not a techi either. It took me a while to post on the wki page. I think i did it right?
Im going to look into the dvds. Got a charity shop around the corner.

Hi Divine1, I was just reading about PD Warrior exercises and see that you attend, where can I find out about classes in Essex? Would prefer to join a class than do the exercises on my own.

Hi Margs

Where in Essex are you? I go to classes in Harlow which are run by the PD nurse team there. They don’t call them PD Warrior because the name is franchised but they’ve done the PD Warrior training and are teaching the same exercises.


Hi Margs,
As Clare says there are very few actual PD Warrior classes available, although they are filtering into the UK slowly.
As above, my class of 3 or 4 is taken by a neuro physio who has completed the PD warrior programme. She has worked with the NHS to try to get them to make it more available. It can be expensive privately. I heard about it from my pd nurse. I find it very beneficial.
So i guess your pd nurse or hospital physio might be the first port of call.

Hi Clare,
I live in Brentwood at the moment but I will be moving to Maldon in the next few months.

Hi Marg

Could you get to Harlow for a few weeks before you move? Once you’ve learned the exercises it is possible to do them at home although you do miss out on the social aspect of being in a class. They’re all illustrated on YouTube as well. There might be someone running classes in Colchester which you could get to from Maldon.

I live in Ongar but used to live in Tollesbury so am familiar with Maldon.


Hi Clare,

I think Harlow is too far for me to drive for a class, although I would prefer a class rather than exercising at home.

I am newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s so just trying to find out about different things I can do.