Tips for arm positions plus rapid breathing

My Father was recently diagnosed with PD. He has a lot of issues with his arms/hands and is constantly trying to find the best position for them and says they feel really heavy. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for what he is best to try to do. He has also started a levadopa course and I was wondering if his arm symptoms are something that tablets could possibly help?

Another thing is that I’ve noticed he has started breathing very fast. Averaging about 22 breaths a minute. He and my mother both say that he has been breathing that way for a long time and he told me he feels fine (obviously not 100% because of the PD but doesn’t feel short of breath or dizzy etc). Could this be connected to PD and does anyone with even a small bit of healthcare knowledge thing that it sounds like this could be a big problem? I would have rang someone up or panic if it wasn’t for the fact he says he feels ok and that his breathing is ok. Thanks guys.

Hi there, not quite sure what your dads arm problem is, is it pain? Tremor? Or just feeling heavy? If he has just started levodopa it will need to kick in and could help.
Personally I would get his breathing checked out if you have any concerns. Someone saying they feel fine doesn’t always mean they are fine,. It’ll put you and your mums mind at rest if you get it checked out. It might or might not be connected to his PD. But it’s important to check it out.

Hi @Nemo88,

Glad to see you’ve already received some helpful advice from @richard54. You may want to explore getting a physiotherapist for you dad, they can help with you dad’s general movements and mobility. We have more information here -

I also agree with richard54, your dad should definitely consult with his GP about his breathing difficulties and get this checked out as soon as possible. You can always speak to one of our advisers about this via our helpline. Do give them a call on 0808 800 0303 and they’ll be happy to offer you more advice on this.

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